Meaning of standard English in English:

standard English


mass noun
  • The form of the English language widely accepted as the usual correct form.

    ‘children often use native forms at home and speak standard English at school’
    • ‘The use of standard English characterizes the upper classes.’
    • ‘The official language is standard English - patois is very rarely spoken today.’
    • ‘Standard English, with correct grammar, is spoken in formal situations.’
    • ‘Standard English is the language Americans are expected to speak.’
    • ‘Standard English lacks the linguistic freedom through which his sense of self can be fully articulated.’
    • ‘Its grammar sometimes differs from standard English, as in expressions like "Are you no going?"’
    • ‘The influential standard English of Johnson and Austen was also produced by and productive of emerging constructs of nation and empire.’
    • ‘Most inhabitants speak a dialect that is based on standard English combined with African expressions and local slang.’
    • ‘In ordinary social settings, Bajans prefer to speak Bajan, but when the occasion warrants it, they slip into a language that is more nearly standard English.’
    • ‘The dialect poems for which he is best remembered were written largely between 1834 and 1867; his standard English poems, written before and after those dates, were preferred by his publisher, Macmillan, and by Hardy.’