Meaning of stands to reason in English:

stands to reason

(also it stands to reason)

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  • It is obvious or logical.

    ‘it stands to reason that if you can eradicate the fear the nervousness will subside’
    • ‘It stands to reason, and is logical, that if one digs something out of the ground such as coal and burns it and turns it into a different form, well, then it cannot be renewable.’
    • ‘It stands to reason that affordable homes are not going to be built in Nelson.’
    • ‘It stands to reason therefore, that any problems that arise in the application of the idea of ‘free markets’ will cause problems in the application of the third way.’
    • ‘It stands to reason why experts maintain that nutrition contributes substantially in this respect because healthy skin tissues will have excellent elasticity.’
    • ‘It stands to reason, of course, that fluctuations in energy emitted by the sun would account, wholly or in part, for temperature variations on earth.’
    • ‘It stands to reason there will be colossal failures.’
    • ‘I suppose this stands to reason because a team good enough to win an All-Ireland doesn't become good overnight, it is a gradual process of improvement.’
    • ‘IT stands to reason that if we want to tackle crime and corruption effectively, then we need to have the mechanisms, people and resources in place to deal with it.’
    • ‘It stands to reason that we cannot expect Namibia to flourish economically if this is the predominant mindset at work among our politicians and in our civil service.’