Meaning of Stanley knife in English:

Stanley knife

Pronunciation /ˈstanlɪ ˌnʌɪf/

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trademark in UK
  • A utility knife with a short, strong replaceable blade.

    ‘He had a Stanley knife and two craft knives in his tackle box.’
    • ‘She told her husband what was happening, describing how the terrorists had knives and box-cutters - small pocket blades similar to Stanley knives.’
    • ‘We chased him but then he turned around to face us and pulled out a Stanley knife and slid the blade forward.’
    • ‘The McCarthys, who reported the matter to the gardaí, believe that the damage was caused by a blade similar to a Stanley knife.’
    • ‘They threatened the man, who was in the house on his own, with a Stanley knife and a screwdriver then tied him up with telephone cable, placing a bag over his head so he couldn't see what was going on.’
    • ‘There were three or four people involved in the attack and the victim, who was in the house on his own, was threatened with a Stanley knife and a screwdriver during his ordeal.’
    • ‘The prosecution said he was convicted of wounding with intent with a knife 17 years ago, wounding with a Stanley knife in 1994 and wounding with a bottle in 2000.’
    • ‘Sources are said to have reported that workers preparing vegetables and fresh fruit around Britain were being kept under control by gangmasters armed with Stanley knives and guns.’
    • ‘They started to cut the carpet with Stanley knives because it was so big to remove it.’
    • ‘‘Col got out his Stanley knife,’ a workmate said.’
    • ‘The 31-year-old man, who was too frightened to be named, said the men ‘came out of nowhere’ and one of them pulled out a blue Stanley knife.’
    • ‘‘He followed her into another room, smashing furniture as he went, and then picked up a Stanley knife,’ said Mr Cunningham.’
    • ‘It comes in sheets, which can be cut to fit with a Stanley knife, and needs a 10 mm expansion gap around the edge of the room and 5mm between the boards.’
    • ‘At the time of his arrest the Defendant was in possession of a Stanley knife and he was then further arrested for having a bladed article in a public place which is a recordable offence.’
    • ‘A huge array of weapons, ranging from knuckledusters to a meat cleaver and a Stanley knife, were used in the fight, which left one man with a punctured lung.’
    • ‘He had been at All Saints school until he was expelled aged 15 for throwing a Stanley knife at a fellow pupil in Design and Technology class.’
    • ‘The Stanley knife can become a weapon of mass destruction.’
    • ‘Mr Groves was slashed down his left arm with a Stanley knife.’
    • ‘There are the multiple slash wounds done with a Stanley knife.’
    • ‘It was like somebody had slashed my face with a Stanley knife.’


Late 19th century named after the manufacturer, The Stanley Rule and Level Company (now The Stanley Works).