Meaning of stargazy pie in English:

stargazy pie


mass noun
  • A kind of fish pie traditionally made in Cornwall, with the heads of the fish appearing through the crust.

    • ‘There's a lantern procession, carols and much feasting on stargazy pie with pilchard heads poking through the piecrust.’
    • ‘He won the main course event and took our rabbits to Paris to put in his stargazy pie.’
    • ‘The stargazy pie could have been make or break for him but the judges went for it.’
    • ‘The stargazy pie is one of my favourites - it looks like it should be served up in a fairytale and although I have never tried it, I feel a stargazy pie experiment coming on.’
    • ‘And Mark Hix made sure he'll be very busy in Paris by winning the main course with his stargazy pie.’
    • ‘He had chosen to eat at Scott's, a new restaurant in Mayfair that serves a variation of stargazy pie.’
    • ‘She covers crust-making, dips into the origins of myriad pies, and includes recipes with rich heritages, such as stargazy pie from Cornwall.’
    • ‘It was a pleasure to try the legendary stargazy pie, with the sardine heads peeking up through the golden puff-pastry crust of a ripe, creamy white-fish pie.’
    • ‘He produced both the main course (stargazy pie with wild rabbit and crayfish) and the pud Perry jelly with elderflower ice cream.’
    • ‘A rack of Shetland lamb feels tight and tastes fatty, and stargazy pie offers only a fishy, oily cream and no real pie experience.’


stargazy pie