Meaning of starrer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstɑːrə/


  • A film that provides a starring role for a particular actor or actress.

    • ‘the Julia Roberts starrer seized pole position in Italy’
    • ‘Other audience favourites were UK horror picture, The Last Horror Movie, Christina Ricci starrer, Miranda, and French film, Malefique.’
    • ‘The first film screened using this digital cinema system was the Suyra starrer, Perazhagan, which was followed by Kaadal.’
    • ‘Ironically, his first film ‘Virumbugiren’, the Prashanth-Sneha starrer, is still awaiting release!’
    • ‘The only two other legitimate nine-figure possibilities are Penny Marshall's Drew Barrymore starrer Riding in Cars with Boys in October and Ali in December.’
    • ‘The Mammootty starrer, ‘Valyettan’, was the last movie in which Shobhana starred.’
    • ‘Then, she made news as the heroine of ‘Citizen’, shooting for the Ajith starrer for a day.’
    • ‘Multiplexes seem to be reaching a compromise over the screening of the Aamir starrer Fanaa.’
    • ‘The Dimple-Kapadia starrer might give you some of the Dil Chahta Hai experience.’
    • ‘ThinkFilm picked up the Sean Penn / Naomi Watts starrer, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, just before it plays the Toronto Film Festival.’
    • ‘And the Kevin Kline starrer about Cole Porter is sure to do a roaring $9.3 million at the domestic box office.’
    • ‘Syriana shot there, as did Mimi Leder's Catherine Zeta-Jones starrer, Smoke & Mirrors.’
    • ‘Finally after three years a settlement has been reached by the two parties as Priyan's Dileep starrer Vettam is getting ready for release.’
    • ‘This Anthony Hopkins starrer depicts the life of a New Zealander who sets a world record while chasing his dream.’
    • ‘The latest to hit town will be the stage adaptation of Scream, the Drew Barrymore starrer.’
    • ‘The Opening film was a Robert Redford, George Freeman, Jennifer Lopez starrer, An Unfinished Life by Lasse Hallstrom.’
    • ‘His first film as a director was the Rosario Dawson starrer Chelsea Walls in 2001.’
    • ‘Yash Raj insists it will not release its Aamir Khan-Kajol starrer at multiplexes, unless the Association meets their demands.’
    • ‘The line-up isn't the same every night - the features, for example, include Danish award-winner Reconstruction and the Las Vegas-set William H Macy starrer The Cooler.’
    • ‘However, one Brian Bosworth starrer tops them all.’
    • ‘The 2001 Ben Affleck starrer Pearl Harbor had certain changes for Japanese versions.’