Meaning of stateside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsteɪtsʌɪd/

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  • Belonging to or situated in the US (used in reference to the US from elsewhere or from the geographically separate states of Alaska and Hawaii)

    • ‘stateside police departments’
    • ‘When he came home the following Christmas, Levi was happy to know he would be sent somewhere stateside after the holidays.’
    • ‘The Delta agent called United in London and was told to sell us new tickets, and that we could apply for a refund for the new ones stateside.’
    • ‘So, the soldiers sprang into action and enlisted stateside help from doctors, politicians and churches.’
    • ‘That's 75,000 soldiers, give or take, who will either stay stateside or at a staging area in Kuwait.’
    • ‘Being a conscientious objector does not guarantee stateside safety.’
    • ‘Perhaps they stayed their hand because they knew closing a newspaper would provoke criticism stateside.’
    • ‘Developing these versatile travel stations stateside is challenging.’
    • ‘Probably one of those weightlifters from back stateside, he thought.’
    • ‘Lawrie, who has been working with stateside sports psychologist Alan Fine for the past year, is so driven by the need to succeed that it colours his every comment.’
    • ‘I had orders, and was already thinking about leaving this tropical paradise and returning stateside.’
    • ‘If everything goes to plan they will be heading stateside in July to play a number of gigs in quick succession around New York and Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘But it noted stronger foreign revenues would offset the weak stateside results.’
    • ‘When Taylor was activated for stateside duty in the Vietnam War later that month, Sinatra called him back to thank him for the songs.’
    • ‘I personally don't pay attention to the pop culture here in Japan, since my mind was still stateside.’
    • ‘Members were given a short period of leave stateside before reporting to Fort Pierce on May 1.’
    • ‘Sloan is one of those bands whose lack of popularity stateside is lamented and ridiculed by their devoted fans.’
    • ‘The kinds of pension gap shortfalls that we are now witnessing in the UK are now being seen stateside.’
    • ‘If a U.S. publisher decides to bring the games stateside, expect to hear more.’
    • ‘Do the diary entries and letters offer different perspectives about her life as a stateside soldier?’


  • In, or towards the US (used in reference to the US from elsewhere or from the geographically separate states of Alaska and Hawaii)

    • ‘it is not the sort of stuff you get stateside’
    • ‘they were headed stateside’