Meaning of static electricity in English:

static electricity


mass noun
  • A stationary electric charge, typically produced by friction, which causes sparks or crackling or the attraction of dust or hair.

    ‘And even the wrong kind of electricity, such as a brief crackling spark of static electricity, can do in a small delicate electronic component.’
    • ‘Fire officials say gas station explosions like this are rare, but they can be sparked by static electricity or cell phones igniting the gasoline vapors.’
    • ‘Bringing it closer to his face, he could smell ozone and stifled a yelp as a spark of static electricity leaped from the blade to his nose.’
    • ‘At a public lecture in 1730, a young boy was hung from the ceiling with a clothes line, charged up with static electricity, then dangled over a pile of feathers that floated magically up to his body.’
    • ‘Various devices have been tried for warding them off, such as explosive rockets fired into thunderclouds, or towers charged with static electricity to divert them.’
    • ‘You may have noticed that clothing made of polyester can accumulate a considerable charge of static electricity in the winter.’
    • ‘Anti-static flooring prevents static electricity from damaging data and electrical components.’
    • ‘In fact, static electricity - which is the imbalance of positive and negative electron charges - has been found to be the cause of several fires.’
    • ‘The nylon version is cheaper but remember to use a cream rinse or coat lubricant with this brush, otherwise static electricity will build up and cause the hair to become brittle.’
    • ‘The air around Jonah suddenly hummed and crackled, and he felt the hair on the back of his neck rising as static electricity coursed through the room.’
    • ‘An electrostatic sprayer has a nozzle that charges tiny pesticide droplets with static electricity so they cling to plant leaves.’
    • ‘According to investigations by oil company BP, in many cases static electricity discharging from a person created the spark that triggered the blaze.’
    • ‘When you pat your cats, you run the risk of electrocuting them from the massive amount of static electricity in the air?’
    • ‘Leaving the PC plugged in, touch a metal surface inside the computer to dissipate static electricity, which can zap a PC's tiny circuits.’
    • ‘We were cleared for the Nottingham arrival, which, according to our Stormscope, would be perfect for avoiding the plentiful static electricity.’
    • ‘The fountains are also said to act as natural humidifiers which help balance moisture levels in the atmosphere and work to improve skin condition while reducing static electricity.’
    • ‘I know static electricity gets built up more easily in a dry environment, like my house in the winter, but humidifiers and similar products are not an option here.’
    • ‘Palm delayed shipping the m500s because they couldn't properly protect against static electricity, Yankowski said on a conference call.’
    • ‘The real differences are that the Dwyer model is a bit more fragile; it can be affected by static electricity and moisture; and it must be kept clean.’
    • ‘Olefin is used when there are budget limitations or where resistance to sunlight fading or the generation of low levels of static electricity is important.’