Meaning of stationery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsteɪʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/

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mass noun
  • Writing and other office materials.

    ‘a range of stationery’
    • ‘a stationery supplier’
    • ‘At Waltons, a office furnishings and stationery company in Beach Road, Woodstock, a parking lot was flooded.’
    • ‘Star Office Choice has the most comprehensive range of stationery and office supplies in Lismore and Casino.’
    • ‘We're not running most of the replies, because we don't have enough asterisks in the office stationery cupboard to make them safe for work.’
    • ‘Office stationery cupboards used to be crammed with reams of carbon paper sold to gullible secretaries by pushy salesmen during the lunch hour when the boss was out.’
    • ‘The office stationery cupboard is like a sweet shop.’
    • ‘Because he was subsidising his office stationery bill by being more entrepreneurial than the rules allowed.’
    • ‘They can claim for such things as staff wages, office space, stationery, travel costs and accommodation.’
    • ‘Littered among the debris was the gruesome sight of body parts, pieces of luggage and office stationery.’
    • ‘Half way through the show we encounter another, similar series devoted to piles of office stationery.’
    • ‘Other stationery companies, leather goods manufacturers and upmarket pen manufacturers are the kind of businesses in the firm's sights.’
    • ‘And as well as designer stationery there is a range of highly affordable invitation and thank-you card sets available ready to buy.’
    • ‘There is also a reception area, ten private offices, a stationery room, a store room and a tea-station on this floor.’
    • ‘The department has urged learners to use books and stationery from last year until new materials are delivered.’
    • ‘The school had contacted the district office last week to be told that stationery would be delivered this week.’
    • ‘Given the predominance of the government offices, it would probably be a good time to be a printer of letterhead stationery.’
    • ‘Full support, training and stationery products are available.’
    • ‘Pupils at Waddon Infants could also see class sizes increase, and less money available to spend on essential materials such as books and stationery.’
    • ‘Smith's stranglehold on the high street stationery market has not, however, always gone unchallenged.’
    • ‘Holomisa also condemned the Eastern Cape government's failure to supply stationery to 200 students in Maluti.’
    • ‘Today the cards are sold in ten stationery stores and bookstores in Atlanta.’


On the confusion of stationery and stationary, see stationary