Meaning of statistician in English:


Pronunciation /statɪˈstɪʃn/

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  • An expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics.

    ‘At Cambridge more statisticians were taken on within Mathematics and a Statistical Laboratory was set up within the Mathematics Faculty in 1949.’
    • ‘Should only statisticians be allowed to handle statistical evidence?’
    • ‘An independent statistician prepared the randomisation envelopes using a computer based random number generator.’
    • ‘Since Victorian times, statisticians have largely relied on a very simple statistic - an average - to rank cricketers.’
    • ‘From 1929 to 1945 he worked as a statistician with the Bureau of Statistics.’
    • ‘If you suspect a problem but cannot meet this criterion, recommend further review by an expert statistician.’
    • ‘The statistician who did the analysis was blinded to group and treatment.’
    • ‘Some statisticians bend statistics not because of logistical problems but to promote certain values or products.’
    • ‘She worked as a statistician in the Central Statistics Office.’
    • ‘The survey was repeated the following year, and statisticians and psychologists performed even more detailed analyses of the data.’
    • ‘His first post was as a statistician with the United Nations, a post he held from 1954 until 1962.’
    • ‘He returned to London, taking up a post as a statistician in the Mercantile and General Investment Company.’
    • ‘Blinding the research assistant collecting the baseline data and the statistician analysing the data to the group allocation reduced potential bias.’
    • ‘Psychometricians and other statisticians believe that what we know scientifically is only known with a certain probability.’
    • ‘So if the statisticians are undercounting labor, productivity may be less impressive than advertised.’
    • ‘Because ecological correlations often seem surprisingly high, some statisticians and social scientists think they should be devalued in some way.’
    • ‘The actual randomisation was provided to the statistician only at the final analysis.’
    • ‘Teams of mathematicians, statisticians, meteorologists, and structural engineers compile the figures.’
    • ‘From there to the end, the game was of statistical interest only… for Moorefield statisticians only of course.’
    • ‘The investigations are believed to be highly complex and involve experts in toxicology, diabetes and orthopaedics as well as statisticians.’