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Pronunciation /ˈsteɪtəs/

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  • 1Relative social or professional position; standing.

    ‘an improvement in the status of women’
    • ‘What is the status of professional codes of ethics relative to federal regulations?’
    • ‘As he points out, winning a major wasn't easy for a British professional of his status.’
    • ‘These primal, foundational accounts describe aspects of the real, experienced world and humanity's role and relative statuses within it.’
    • ‘These relative statuses may reflect an individual's age, gender, or social role or may reflect relationships among different social institutions.’
    • ‘The armed forces consisted largely of amateur, part-time soldiers, and social and political statuses within a community were tied to military roles.’
    • ‘We need to look at the social conventions governing the status of the creator of an image or artefact.’
    • ‘Further, in this research, gender differences in relation to identity statuses were explored on the composite identity scores.’
    • ‘We also asked about their parents' relationship statuses.’
    • ‘While recent research on social capital has emphasized the importance of social ties that bridge heterogeneous groups and statuses, these results suggest that religion may be wanting in this respect.’
    • ‘Research has shown that the statuses vary along a number of important social and personal dimensions.’
    • ‘You are a person who can make friends in the highest social categories as well as with persons of an inferior status.’
    • ‘When the husband dies the widow often loses her position in society as well as her legal status and financial support.’
    • ‘Competition for college places is shrinking the advantage that legacy status confers.’
    • ‘Access to city spaces should be guaranteed by virtue of citizenship, but it is increasingly becoming a privilege conferred by status.’
    • ‘The fact that the pair are star athletes has led some to claim that the investigation into their alleged crimes was somehow hampered by their status in the community, a claim denied by local police.’
    • ‘When not sitting in a dark room, I devise ways of eating and drinking in fancy hotel restaurants for free, a pursuit hampered by my lowly status among the global press corps and my inability to introduce people to anybody famous or rich.’
    • ‘Too often, however, the chair of an academic meeting is determined by status rather than skill.’
    • ‘Should educational status determine the ability to row in a particular class of racing?’
    • ‘In human societies, as in primate groups, lower status means less personal control.’
    • ‘The new system involved a division of labour which accentuated differences and tension between high and lower status employees.’
    standing, rank, ranking, position, social position, station, level, footing, place
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    1. 1.1mass noun High rank or social standing.
      ‘those who enjoy wealth and status’
      • ‘I watched him grow through college and Minor ranks to Senior star status over the years.’
      • ‘Many observers noted that this system worked only as long as the officer enjoyed high social status.’
      • ‘Even in a community steeped in wealth and status, the Tanners were a distinguished clan.’
      • ‘The quantity of grave goods varied, suggesting that rank and status were represented in death.’
      • ‘Individuals in the old regime were intensely concerned with questions of status and rank.’
      • ‘There appears to be a growing percentage enjoying an upper class status in South Africa.’
      • ‘Most of them don't come from wealthy or influential families or have wealth or status in their own right.’
      • ‘They were given power, wealth, office and status on condition that they kept the peace and adopted Roman ways.’
      • ‘Automobiles are difficult to obtain, and the ownership of a car is a symbol of wealth and high status.’
      • ‘On the one hand, it was a powerful tool to enhance or sustain personal and corporate power, wealth, and status.’
      • ‘Among some southern tribes, the number of cattle a family owns is a sign of wealth and status.’
      • ‘They were obviously very luxurious, and ownership implied great wealth and status.’
      • ‘In our country, we seem to have an innate resistance to thinking of business as a route to wealth or status.’
      • ‘They had to be waited on hand and foot and the size of their household was a barometer of wealth and status.’
      • ‘She had never been able to accept the notion of marrying for wealth or for status.’
      • ‘No points for guessing but this committee too is headed by Sonia, who enjoys Cabinet status.’
      • ‘Cheran enjoyed his new found status as an actor as fans mobbed him everywhere.’
      • ‘Years after his fighting days he continued to enjoy legendary status in Latin America.’
      • ‘Social status and political power would be nice, but being able to eat and live are more important.’
      • ‘She said the status would also help boost the school's health and social care vocational work.’
      prestige, kudos, cachet, standing, stature, prestigiousness, reputation, repute, name, good name, regard, fame, note, renown, honour, esteem, estimation, image, account, rank, character, celebrity, importance, prominence, consequence, class, distinction, laurels, influence, weight, authority, supremacy, eminence, superiority
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    2. 1.2The official classification given to a person, country, or organization, determining their rights or responsibilities.
      ‘the duchy had been elevated to the status of a principality’
      • ‘The reality is that a single organization can have multiple statuses, as determined by the functions it performs.’
      • ‘The present study describes New Zealand women prisoners' patterns of official institutional misconduct and their security classification statuses.’
      • ‘A player's status can be determined by the status of the clubs with which he is linked.’
      • ‘That is to say, they may not be part of the mechanism by which plant cells determine their carbohydrate status.’
      • ‘Her status in society is determined in substantial measure by the vocation and success of her husband.’
      • ‘By this age you have retired from work, and are granted the status as a senior citizen.’
      • ‘So far, only two other railway lines have been granted the status from nearly 800 sites worldwide.’
      • ‘This status classifies all regions outside the national park area as disease free.’
      • ‘Its organic status gave it the gutsy real flavours that chemicals never can.’
      • ‘Lurie also talks about setting ‘standards’ rather like the apprentice, journeyman, and master statuses granted by craft unions to workers who meet a set of skill, training, and experience criteria.’
      • ‘Provided the animal is not slaughtered or milked within the specified period, its organic status remains.’
      • ‘Do the recent track records of returning stars warrant their elevated status in new shows?’
      • ‘If the monitor discovers serious failings the trust could lose its Foundation status.’
      • ‘But these vocalisations should not be elevated to the status of human communications.’
      • ‘Perhaps this argument seemed so incontrovertible that it did not qualify for elevation to the status of a test.’
      • ‘Her bold actions have elevated her to the status of national hero and prompted thousands of offers of marriage.’
      • ‘So there is one more race to follow, and nearly enough candidates to apply for official club status.’
      • ‘The first thing he did when he got back was register my birth so I could have official status in the tribe.’
      • ‘If he is found guilty in one way or the other, he will lose his public official status.’
      • ‘The former is a preliminary step to sainthood, while the latter is the elevation to the status of saint.’
  • 2The situation at a particular time during a process.

    ‘an update on the status of the bill’
    • ‘I want regular reports on our status, and the legions are to be kept on constant alert.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Aberdeen also refused to shed any light on the status of the bidding process.’
    • ‘The SHB annual report also reveals the status of a number of capital projects in the county.’
    • ‘She toyed with them incessantly as she typed up the daily status and safety reports.’
    • ‘It allows the battalion signal officer to fully manage the services within their battalion and report statuses to the brigade signal officer.’
    • ‘Allows facilities managers to fully control and report on the status of all parts, suppliers and equipment.’
    • ‘Deloitte and Touche publish an annual report on the financial status of the British game.’
    • ‘The Status Board provides a 30 second update of the status of each Challenge team.’
    • ‘Kindly bear with us for another 2 working days and I can assure you that we will surely update you with the status.’
    • ‘Updates on the health status of the injured were not returned as of press time.’
    • ‘The goal of this brief review is to provide an update on the current status of the research on psyllium and health.’
    • ‘The Iceni revolted and were put down by force: the true status of the client kingdoms had now been made plain.’
    • ‘He added that an update on the status of the open source trials is expected at around the same time.’
    • ‘The status field tells you whether the bill has been paid, is pending or is in dispute.’
    • ‘What is reported by journalists rapidly acquires the status of truth, whether or not it has actually happened.’
    • ‘The hospitals were not named publicly in last year's report but were individually informed of their status.’
    • ‘As described earlier the identity statuses are defined in terms of process, not content, variables.’
    • ‘This clarifies the status of certain MEAs, but does not provide a process for the approval of future MEAs.’
    • ‘The feature is particularly good for information such as weather reports where you only want the latest status.’
    • ‘Their protected status means that marine life will continue to thrive and conditions will improve in both rivers.’
    1. 2.1A posting on a social networking website that indicates a user's current situation, state of mind, or opinion about something.
      ‘when I updated my status on Facebook yesterday I said I was 'seeking a sense of purpose'’
      • ‘I noticed that there were some interesting status updates from some of my local friends’
      • ‘So, if I were to meet someone new, at what point am I supposed to change my status so that it smugly reads "In A Relationship"?’
      • ‘A man was convicted today of murdering his partner less than a fortnight after she changed her status to single on Facebook.’
      • ‘In March he changed his status on website Facebook from "Married" to "It's complicated" then changed it back in April.’
      • ‘A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a status update she'd received via Facebook.’
      • ‘Writing a blog post is a lot harder than posting a status update, putting a funny link on someone's Wall, or tweeting.’
      • ‘His last status update, according to the newspaper, came Sunday at 10:58 a.m.’
      • ‘In an eerie Facebook status update on Monday, re-posted by a friend online, he appeared to be saying goodbye.’
      • ‘You use the example of posting a status update that you're going for a shower.’
      • ‘Post your job on your Facebook page or as a status update.’
      • ‘But the notion of a film or TV show based on a Facebook status update is not necessarily a trivial or inane one.’
      • ‘I'm proud to have only 59 friends, I occasionally enjoy a status update or two, I look at pictures, pretty much every soft thing you can imagine.’
      • ‘If any of you follow me on Facebook and saw my status update late last night, I would like to vent my reason for it.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, over on Facebook, my less up-to-the-technological-minute friends are using the status update feature to express their views on the election.’
      • ‘She was confused about how I knew, but I reminded her we were Facebook friends, and that she had posted a "status update" about her sleeplessness.’
      • ‘Currently, my News Feed includes a status update from last night at 8:04 that has been commented upon several times since.’
      • ‘So, after posting this status update on my Facebook, I seem to have inadvertently insulted several of my schoolmates.’
      • ‘Finally, the site makes it easy to post a status update to all of your sites in one fell swoop: You simply click the 'What are you doing?'’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘stature, height’): from Latin, literally ‘standing’, from stare ‘to stand’.