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statute law


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mass noun
  • The body of principles and rules of law laid down in statutes.

    ‘Your Honour, I am putting it that way on the basis that the law that is the law relevant to the success or failure of the litigation is the law of South Australia, whether it be common law or statute law.’
    Compare with common law, case law
    • ‘We are talking about the interaction of statute law and common law in product liability cases and I think that issue just has to be addressed at some stage.’
    • ‘There is no statute law or rule that prohibits a costs award against a litigation guardian or more particularly against the Public Guardian and Trustee.’
    • ‘These have their roots in common law, statute law and the company's own regulations and principles of equity.’
    • ‘Generally, the system of law in use worldwide can be classified into common law and statute law.’
    • ‘Common Law and statute law complement and correct each other.’
    • ‘In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland the legality principle is still officially valid in statute law, allowing only the prosecutor, but not the police, to drop minor cases when there is no public interest in prosecuting.’
    • ‘You would reach a contrary result on Justice Hayne's analysis if there was a statute law of Western Australia which changed this common law rule?’
    • ‘Proceedings before arbitrators are commonly regulated by the statute law of the jurisdiction dealing with arbitration.’
    • ‘I find it difficult to accept that a Justice who is bound to follow statute law has trouble accepting that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is incorporated into Australian law.’
    • ‘Any intrusion upon the rights, either by the developing common law or by the intervention of statute law, has to be jealously scrutinised.’
    • ‘To review the sex offences in the common and statute law of England and Wales, and make recommendations that will.’
    • ‘Once passed, statutory instruments have the full force of statute law.’
    • ‘The Legal Aid Act 1974 was a consolidating Act, bringing into one place all the relevant statute law, including some recent new provisions relating to criminal legal aid, without amending the law.’
    • ‘The principle of the corporate veil as a protection against the liability of the shareholders of the corporation is enshrined in statute law.’
    • ‘There seemed to be some resistance to the idea that the common law of Victoria should respond to the statute law of New South Wales.’
    • ‘The courts are seeking to interpret law, including statute law, in accordance with international treaties, even where that is a strained interpretation.’
    • ‘As McLean argued in his dissent, the Supreme Court did not consider itself bound to follow state decisions unless they involved the construction of the relevant state's constitution or statute law.’
    • ‘These actions had measurable informal influence on the practices of prosecutors and courts in other areas and ultimately influenced changes in statute law as well.’
    • ‘We observed in Chapter 3 that in the British Constitution there is no higher authority than statute law - with the notable exception of European Union legislation.’