Meaning of stay put in English:

stay put


  • Remain somewhere without moving or being moved.

    ‘she told Clarissa to stay put’
    • ‘Another car gets through the lights behind them, but the remaining traffic stays put, having moved all of 5 metres forward.’
    • ‘Because of these costs, most homeowners would choose to stay put rather than move.’
    • ‘He thinks about pushing off from the door, but he's still unsure of what to do with himself once he moves, so he stays put.’
    • ‘As she walked away, she could feel his eyes following her every move, but he was staying put, standing behind her, watching her walk away.’
    • ‘Be aware that sometimes the safest thing you can do in a tall building fire is stay put and wait for the firefighters.’
    • ‘Not wanting to cause a scene, I stayed put and waited for the couple to continue on.’
    • ‘He stays put in Philadelphia, refusing to move to L.A. and play ball.’
    • ‘Her job situation in Toronto changed, as did her plans to move, and she's stayed put.’
    • ‘I was planning on staying put and waiting for the kids until Shawn's hand clasped around mine and pulled me along.’
    • ‘It looks at me when I turn towards it, but stays put.’