Meaning of steal someone's heart in English:

steal someone's heart


  • Win someone's love.

    ‘I could not believe one day any man in the world can stole my heart and love me and I love him back.’
    • ‘Long before Diana emerged, we knew yet another princess who stole Hollywood 's heart before she enchanted the south of France.’
    • ‘A big well done, to young Justin, from the U - 6 category who stole the judge 's heart, and emerged with gold in the Solo Waltz.’
    • ‘In April he stole the nation 's heart by completing the slowest ever London marathon in a 130 lb antique divers suit.’
    • ‘More than simply winning Horse of the Year honors, that spunky mustang stole my heart.’
    • ‘Not your average cruising vessel, perhaps, but one that steals your heart after two hours on board nonetheless.’
    • ‘You know that song that comes along once in a blue moon and takes your breath, and steals your heart, away?’
    • ‘This journey takes him to a small city where he comes across Kamala, a Devadasi woman, who steals his heart.’
    • ‘He is a magnificent looking animal with a nature to match - beware, once you see him, he will steal your heart away.’
    • ‘If you really are a thief, out to steal my heart, then you'd better have a good lawyer.’