Meaning of steel drum in English:

steel drum



(also steel pan)
  • A percussion instrument originating in Trinidad, made out of an oil drum with one end beaten down and divided by grooves into sections to give different notes.

    ‘Another aspect of Carnival in St Lucia is the steel pan, which originated in Trinidad.’
    • ‘As musical instruments go, the steel pan is a young creature.’
    • ‘The real key is the pedal steel guitar, clarinet and particularly the chiming steel pan that constitute the focal instruments.’
    • ‘Last Saturday, passers-by in Ealing were ‘entertained’ by a man playing easy listening classics on a steel drum, accompanied by various automated percussion patterns from a cheap Casio keyboard.’
    • ‘It has a very raw beat, sounding like that of beating a steel drum.’
    • ‘‘Wanderlust’, the album opener, surprisingly kicks off with a steel drum and sounds like a Cocteau Twins cover, as brothers Aaron and Greg Gilbert's vocals combine in a swooning, purring harmony.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the sounds of Balinese temple music emerge, along with a few gongs, some freaky Tibetan monk chants, a steel drum, and (out of nowhere) a cool bass line.’
    • ‘Watching Lonesome Jeremy Jacobson tap dance while he plays the steel drum and harmonica is enough to cause an aneurysm, but listening to him do it on record is like watching a film on mute.’
    • ‘However, if something is even slightly amiss the entire batch is sealed in a steel drum and dropped by cargo helicopter into an active volcano.’
    • ‘Oddly enough, this can make a relatively small object, such as a steel drum, easier to find than a long, cast-iron water main.’
    • ‘And just at that moment we could hear the soft music from a steel drum.’
    • ‘Charged-up, they boys continue to throw stones at anything they can find: in this case, a steel drum in the middle of the road.’
    • ‘He dreamt he was under a giant tent in the desert and he was submerged in strange music, which was being played from far away on a steel drum.’
    • ‘Natalie gives me a long, searching look, which is returned by what I'm sure must be a face as closed as a steel drum.’
    • ‘A steel drum or Hawaiian guitar burbles in the background, strangely haunting.’
    • ‘Lately the band had added some new steel pans to its contingent, and particularly, a player is being tutored to handle the 9 bass steel pan.’
    • ‘Returning nationals also take the opportunity to renew acquaintances and enjoy the sweet music of calypso and steel pan.’
    • ‘So much so that they even tried their hand at steel pan - albeit a mild rendition.’
    • ‘He called it ‘Octopan’ to generate music based on several ragas and on the West Indies steel drum.’
    • ‘It's apparent that Snow is definitely marching to the beat of his own Caribbean steel drum.’