Meaning of steno in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstɛnəʊ/

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nounplural noun stenos

  • 1North American informal A shorthand typist.

    • ‘it was written by the little steno herself’
    • ‘When they kiss, the stenos hide their blushing faces behind their steno pads.’
    1. 1.1
      short for stenography
      ‘the steno pool’
      • ‘I carry a steno pad and two pens’
      • ‘From that position Papa read the many investment newsletters to which he subscribed, tinkered with small parts, or filled steno pads with his odd, cryptic notes and lists.’
      • ‘No red-blooded reporter from the American steno pool would pull a stunt like that.’
      • ‘Sue gives him flies for simply appreciating them and showing her the little spiral-bound steno pad in which he logs which fly caught which fish under which conditions.’
      • ‘She instantly melted at the deep voice of Detective Russell, but collected herself as he reached into his overcoat and pulled out a steno pad, ready to scribble down the names.’
      • ‘The one who had been standing in the center of the huddle the whole time is Kevin Falkan, the unspoken head of the Joint Ops Detail, and his closing of his steno pad is a signal to the others.’
      • ‘She gathered up her scripts and returned to her office, while Jackie's face lit up and she grabbed a steno pad and a pen off Mother's desk.’
      • ‘The steno pool had always been the hub of gossip as far as Lee Stetson's love life had been concerned, and this time was no different.’
      • ‘Dr. Lowery leaned forward in his chair, clutching a steno pad in his manicured and unnaturally smooth hands.’
      • ‘Flipping open his steno pad, he checked for the volume he needed next, filled out a slip and proceeded to the desk.’
      • ‘A passing secretary stopped short, clutching her steno pad to her chest, staring wide-eyed at him.’
      • ‘He had a pad, a steno pad, and a pencil, and he would jot things down.’
      • ‘She maintains that middle-class women have moved from the steno pool to comer offices on the backs of women who live in ‘serfdom’ as their household helpers.’
      • ‘The general had a steno pad and pencil.’
      • ‘Some reporters invent new steno outlines ‘on the fly’ as needed.’
      • ‘Carefully, he transferred his watch, money, and steno notebook into the pants pockets.’
      • ‘Jake Branford looked up from his green steno notebook.’
      • ‘He felt for the green steno journal in his back pocket.’
      • ‘Ducking and weaving in his duct-tape-repaired steno chair, he was able to get a dark reflection of his face in the unlit monitor on his desk.’
      • ‘The blond twisted the steno chair back and forth, seeming to find the roller action fascinating.’
      • ‘Folded up against his green steno book was a crumpled sheet of loose-leaf paper.’