Meaning of stereopsis in English:



mass noun
  • The perception of depth produced by the reception in the brain of visual stimuli from both eyes in combination; binocular vision.

    ‘This skill, called stereopsis or stereoscopic vision, is a wonderful example of inverse optics.’
    • ‘The athletes were tested for visual acuity, refractive error, oculomotor skills, stereopsis, color vision, contrast sensitivity, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, and overall ocular health.’
    • ‘He hypothesized that basal primates were visually directed predators of fauna on slender branches, a milieu that favored a wide field of stereopsis and clawless, prehensile hands for visually tracking and grasping prey.’



/stɛrɪˈɒpsɪs/ /stɪərɪˈɒpsɪs/


Early 20th century from stereo-‘three-dimensional’ + Greek opsis ‘sight’.