Meaning of sterling silver in English:

sterling silver


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mass noun
  • Silver of 921/2 per cent purity.

    ‘The medal, in plated or polished stainless steel or sterling silver, comes with a 24-inch beaded chain.’
    • ‘This meant, for example, that he preferred copper or silverplate to sterling silver for his metalwork.’
    • ‘It is perched on a polished branch of black coral and is also adorned with black and colorless diamonds set in 18-karat white, rose, and yellow gold with sterling silver accents.’
    • ‘And the store features a line of fine body jewelry - belly button and nose studs - in 14 karat white and yellow gold and sterling silver.’
    • ‘Somewhere in the dismal mess of a closet, he found what he was looking for: a light silver chain made out of sterling silver links.’
    • ‘It was made of sterling silver and looked as though it were covered with silver rose vines.’
    • ‘Then the break ended and she was back to washing the gold rimmed china and crystal goblets and glasses, cleaning the sterling silver and stainless steel, it was endless.’
    • ‘In some houses, plated articles were used in preference to their equivalents in sterling silver.’
    • ‘Carrying a priceless, sterling silver tray, laden with their midnight snack of choice, strawberries, melted chocolate and champagne, he padded barefoot across the beautiful Persian rug back to her.’
    • ‘She wears a tiara made of sterling silver, with Diamonds, Amethysts, and Sapphire flowers, with Alexandrite in the middle, and Pearls around the flowers as accents.’
    • ‘Most recently men have abandoned suits and ties for more casual dress, women seek speedy ways to prepare meals, and everyday dining with sterling silver and cut glass is a thing of the past.’
    • ‘She likes to use naturally shaped round coin pearls, to enhance, through their imperfections, the perfectly smooth and glossy surface of polished sterling silver.’
    • ‘The black marble base includes space for a handcrafted, 2-inch, 3-dimensional sterling silver image of the winning driver's face.’
    • ‘So she rounded up glass beads, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver wire and created her collection of one-of-a-kind rings.’
    • ‘This room was a far cry from the sleek black leather furniture set, sterling silver end and coffee table, and colorful pop art gracing my penthouse apartment.’
    • ‘I was wearing a good pair of denim blue jeans and a simple beige top that had sequins decorating the front and no jewelry except for a pair of sterling silver studs.’
    • ‘Proudly she stood with her hand on the cutlass's sterling silver, intricately carved handle, posing like fierce pirate.’
    • ‘Complete outfits will cost £1,200 for the standard version and £2,000 with sterling silver accessories.’
    • ‘Tiffany's sterling silver bookmark is shaped like an open book.’
    • ‘Charms whether made of sterling silver or some other materials are often used to represent the person who wears or carries the charm.’