Meaning of steups in English:


Pronunciation /stʃuːps/


[no object]West Indian
  • Make a noise by sucking air and saliva through the teeth, typically to express annoyance or derision.

    ‘Ned steupsed and shook his head, looking frustrated’
    • ‘When he announced that government had approved the $27 billion plan, many people will have simply steupsed and turned off their television sets.’
    • ‘However, when Daniel enquired about Sabrina, Williams steupsed and said, ‘What you asking 'bout she for?’’
    • ‘He rolled his eyes heavenward, steupsed, and muttered to himself, ‘This numskull pass for the market!’’
    • ‘I used to steups when people talked to me and I didn't know how to speak.’


West Indian
  • An expression of annoyance or derision made by sucking air and saliva through the teeth.

    ‘Gibby responded with a protracted steups, adding the State was already dealing with only one.’
    • ‘He would squinch up his face in a way that only he could, so that every wrinkle and fold formed perfectly on his forehead, twist his neck, purse his lips tightly and let out a long sweet steups.’