Meaning of sticker licker in English:

sticker licker


informal Australian
  • An official who issues parking fines.

    • ‘Melbourne City Council is effectively forcing sticker lickers to raise their quotas’
    • ‘I have escaped a fine on a few occasions and seen others do the same, but our sticker lickers are sharp, so don't count on it.’
    • ‘Would not that car, facing in the wrong direction, have got a ticket or worse? That's a no no here as far as the sticker lickers are concerned.’
    • ‘Have you seen the sticker lickers picking on scooters which have been randomly parked?’
    • ‘Have I parked in the right place? I know what you lot are like with bloody sticker lickers.’
    • ‘I avoid town like the plague: too many sticker lickers.’
    • ‘Some driver complained to a sticker licker because he couldnt park his car.’
    • ‘He was about to be booked by a sticker-licker until it was found he knew the organisers and was granted a pass.’
    • ‘The sticker licker shows up occasionally and drops a $56 fine on a few people.’