Meaning of Stockholm syndrome in English:

Stockholm syndrome


mass noun
  • Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.

    ‘The tone of the article might lead one to believe that she is a victim of Stockholm syndrome, but her pre-kidnap views appear to have placed her in the corner of her captors as well.’
    • ‘He may also be suffering from the political equivalent of Stockholm syndrome, where a victim comes to identify with the objectives of his captors.’
    • ‘Another common complication in hostage situations is a human defense mechanism called the Stockholm syndrome, in which hostages come to empathize with the captors and their cause.’
    • ‘If you were kidnapped, might you be a candidate for Stockholm syndrome?’
    • ‘Like victims of the Stockholm syndrome, culturalists believe that if they love their captors their lives will be spared.’
    • ‘We were to be hostage to military kindness, stultified by Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘Are you sure these feeling are not just part of you suffering from Stockholm syndrome?’
    • ‘Then a kind of Stockholm syndrome comes into play, a survival mechanism that leads presidential appointees to defend and sympathize with their bureaucratic captors.’
    • ‘His description of Falluja, tinged with Stockholm syndrome rationalizations, painted a picture of what can only be described as collective insanity.’
    • ‘In a kind of Stockholm syndrome, of identifying with the aggressor, they identified with the Union and disproportionately supported and fought and died in its wars.’
    • ‘As the trip continued, the author wondered if Stockholm syndrome explained why he was starting to think that the creationist geology had some sense to it.’
    • ‘I knew about Stockholm syndrome, but this was really weird.’
    • ‘She - supposedly a tough nut - seems to have already succumbed to the foreign policy establishment's version of Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘She often asked jokingly if I had Stockholm syndrome when I spoke of this period of time, but I always denied it.’
    • ‘Perhaps living in totalitarian Baghdad has left some of the press here with a case of Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘He clearly demonstrated that he is the latest victim of the Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘I always felt he was the picture of the Stockholm syndrome - falling in love with his captors and trying to recreate the image of his owners.’
    • ‘It can paralyse state administrations and frighten its victims into variations on the Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘I was furious and disturbed that I had fallen to the Stockholm syndrome.’
    • ‘What Susan might be talking about a little is the Stockholm syndrome.’


1970s with reference to a bank robbery in Stockholm.