Meaning of stocktaking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstɒkteɪkɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or process of recording the amount of stock held by a business.

    ‘the shop is closed for stocktaking’
    • ‘The wide-ranging exercise is believed to have involved stocktaking of products, including food and drinks, an examination of the tax status of employees and the sale of band-related merchandise.’
    • ‘With the stocktaking and facility inspection process over at RAAF Base Learmonth, the convoy then made a beeline for RAAF Base Curtin, near Derby.’
    • ‘Some were garbled articles from various encyclopaedias, about international politics, about online democracy, about computerised supermarket stocktaking, about kwashiorkor and other kinds of malnutrition.’
    • ‘Information technology is becoming an integral part of many jobs from accounts and word processing, to stocktaking and internet sales.’
    • ‘Servicing, deliveries, storage, stocktaking and databases are now all part of the process, as are dare I say, health and safety and quality control.’
    • ‘Under this scheme, the company offers a franchisee the security of working in a successful business with essentials like accountancy and stocktaking already in place.’
    • ‘The employees walked out in protest against a two-week suspension, without pay, imposed on 19 of their colleagues for refusing to carry out stocktaking after normal hours.’
    • ‘The agreement requires states to present stocktaking reports every five years, but North Korea has not done so since 1984.’
    • ‘The auditors' failure to attend stocktaking and identify the overstatement of stock is evidence of negligence, writes a litigation support partner at Kingston Smith.’
    • ‘For many farms, we need to do a stocktaking valuation and the crisis makes it very difficult to carry out the work and collect the data.’
    • ‘They are still stocktaking to find out exactly how much has been stolen, but it is thought to be thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and watches.’
    • ‘Along with Courts' 81 other UK branches, its seven stores in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had been closed for stocktaking for most of the week but were due to re-open yesterday morning.’
    • ‘Time stores, called The Computer Shop, were today displaying signs that stocktaking was taking place.’
    • ‘The supermarket chain has now completed a stocktaking in every store, and finally knows what is actually on the shelves.’
    • ‘And now he would be able to bring in those computer things for the stocktaking and have all the technical gizmos at the till so that customers didn't even have to sign their names.’
    • ‘The Act requires, does it not, that the accounting, as it were, or the stocktaking, using a loose term, be done on that date.’
    • ‘At the time, governments were struggling to meet increased demands for service with limited funding and a stocktaking seemed appropriate.’
    • ‘When he was around I used to help him with the stocktaking and with his gardening and help run the youth club committee.’
    • ‘The agency has been assisting units to comply with stocktaking requirements.’
    • ‘We are now turning our attention to finishing off the annual stocktaking valuations and if any of your are having difficulties valuing your stock in the current crisis, then please give us a ring and we will gladly come out and help you.’
    1. 1.1The action of reviewing and assessing one's situation and options.
      ‘she had some mental stocktaking to do’
      • ‘a vast stocktaking and forward-planning exercise was commissioned’
      • ‘Week 52 is traditionally a time for contemplating the success or otherwise of the previous 12 months, but followers of our international football team might just prefer to give the mental stocktaking a miss this time around.’
      • ‘Fortunately, the government has finally woken up to the situation and has announced a long overdue stocktaking of adoption agencies and a review of adoption procedures.’
      • ‘‘The opportunity presents itself now to perform such a stocktaking exercise in order to ensure that the balance and strategic direction which we have put in place is the right one,’ he said when he set up the group.’
      • ‘The lead member for education told the cabinet that the stocktaking exercise was needed before work was started.’
      • ‘I do my personal/spiritual stocktaking at Yom Kippur.’
      • ‘That this is just a halt, a time for stocktaking, for things to grow and reveal themselves.’
      • ‘If nothing else, it is a time for stocktaking, just as the approach of a New Year fills us with resolve about the future direction of our lives and our selection of priorities.’
      • ‘And while that is going on in the corporate world, as individuals, our personal financial health also needs stocktaking!’
      • ‘The end of a year is a time of stocktaking for many.’
      • ‘In fact, it was a night of stocktaking, celebrating and rejoicing but it was tinged with a distinct feeling of sadness.’
      • ‘It's what makes New Year so bittersweet; an annual stocktaking of personal fortunes that fills the limbo between Christmas and the resumption of normal life in early January.’