Meaning of stolidity in English:


Pronunciation /stɒˈlɪdɪti/


See stolid

‘Neutrals in the 38,000 crowd had decided that Fiji flair was more worthy of support than Scottish stolidity, but the fact is that Fiji are on their way home and Scotland advance to Sydney and a meeting with Australia on Saturday.’
  • ‘He lives in the whitewashed croft his family have owned for generations and while there is the stolidity of a Highlander about him, with a latent strength in the broad shoulders and a stout work ethic, the blue eyes still twinkle.’
  • ‘The perpetrators' faces had the fleshy stolidity of candlewax.’
  • ‘This might be taken for stolidity by the unobservant or self-involved.’
  • ‘Her independence of mind has never had a chance to flourish, and she beautifully portrays her tentative nature with a mixture of stolidity and veiled wit.’