Meaning of stonecrop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstəʊnkrɒp/


  • A small fleshy-leaved plant which typically has star-shaped yellow or white flowers and grows among rocks or on walls.

    Genus Sedum, family Crassulaceae: many species, including yellow stonecrop (S. acre), whose tiny leaves have a bitter, peppery taste

    ‘Both maidens repose on a crumbled wall; yet saxifrage, stonecrop and spring flowers sprout from the rubble.’
    • ‘His firm will plant the Academy roof with wild strawberry, sea thrift, the herb self-heal and stonecrop, a sedum that attracts the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly.’
    • ‘He was referring to S. reflexum, the yellow stonecrop, which in some places shares the name ‘creeping Jenny’ with S. acre, more commonly known as wall-pepper or golden stonecrop.’
    • ‘Stonecrop is a beautiful plant that has green leaves all summer then in August flowers to salmon pink to burgundy then dark brown.’