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Pronunciation /ˈstɔːhaʊs/

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  • 1A building used for storing goods.

    ‘Beside the town of Habuwa are remains of dwellings, storehouses and administrative buildings dating back to the Hyksos and the New Kingdom periods, as well as a great many ovens for baking bread to feed a large number of soldiers.’
    • ‘Investigations indicated the fire started from a temporary storehouse at the building's rear adjacent to a boiler room.’
    • ‘In addition to the hall there are many other buildings, such as storehouses, guest houses, workshops, stables, servants' houses, a bake-house or kitchen and a stone built chapel.’
    • ‘Lowering her longing eyes from Philip's splendid home, Agnes turned down a narrow alley-like road squeezed between a storehouse and a two-storey building.’
    • ‘Tagore compares big libraries to storehouses and smaller ones to eating joints, which are frequented by many on a daily basis.’
    • ‘A host of additional outbuildings were discovered as well, including two dairies, a smokehouse, a granary, and two storehouses, all adjacent to the house.’
    • ‘It is advisable that prior to harvesting, the granaries and other storehouses are carefully cleaned.’
    • ‘Wasn't this place supposed to be a storehouse for treasure?’
    • ‘Most of the buildings still standing served as ammunition and fuel storehouses.’
    • ‘The outpost was approximately one-half mile from the crossing and consisted of two existing buildings converted into a hospital and a commissary storehouse.’
    • ‘Set up in 1929, the museum has served as a storehouse for obsolete instruments and equipment and laboratory specimens, some of them difficult to date.’
    • ‘While most thieves have simply broken into sheds or storehouses, one industrious thief actually harvested someone else's rice himself during the night, reducing a lush golden field to a small rectangular patch.’
    • ‘Essentially profit-driven, these schools set up by provincial people are chiefly housed in abandoned storehouses or residential areas, and not subject to local supervision’
    • ‘Ammunition and guns have disappeared from storehouses.’
    • ‘Almost all these rock bands practise in basements of residential buildings that are too damp for people to live in, and are often used as storehouses.’
    • ‘The fire also lit other workshops and storehouses leading to several continuous explosions.’
    • ‘At least 20 people died and 175 were injured yesterday when a fireworks storehouse caught fire, triggering multiple explosions and sending billowing fireballs over the Dutch town of Enschede.’
    • ‘He recounted an incident in which food contributed by international donors had been placed in a storehouse near the governor's office.’
    • ‘Some of the material was found in what was later felt to be a storehouse or shrine, and a second site revealed the burial chamber of an important person.’
    • ‘The police stormed a storehouse located in Pudong and found 994 pieces of fireworks the size of small TV sets.’
    warehouse, depository, repository, store, storeroom, depot, entrepôt
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    1. 1.1A large supply of something.
      ‘an enormous storehouse of facts’
      • ‘Making use of the storehouse of the unconscious, the automatism of contemporary technologies, and the power of collective action, such groups present us with a truly alternative mode to the production of knowledge.’
      • ‘The write-ups are a storehouse of information for future generations.’
      • ‘In the environment there is a dimension that resists and escapes us: to reduce the world to a storehouse of materials for limited human purposes is thus to put in question any serious belief in an indestructible human value.’
      • ‘The centre, a trade and tourism complex, could become a storehouse of information on the eventful history of Kerala, its cultural heritage, tourism and commercial potential and Ayurveda.’
      • ‘Not only does a journal provide a storehouse of material, and encourage sharp observation and profound reflection, but also it is developing the habit and skills of writing through regular engagement.’
      • ‘But with his passing we have lost an irreplaceable memory, a vast storehouse of historic knowledge, and one of the last members of the generation that brought modern ways to the Canadian Arctic.’
      • ‘‘There was a time,’ said Smith, ‘when I believed Robert was a storehouse of all the best that was in our culture.’’
      • ‘In this small daily enterprise I hope to shift from being a writer who works in fits and starts to someone practising their craft daily, as well as creating a storehouse of ideas for longer pieces of work.’
      • ‘In the Upanishads, the veritable storehouse of Indian philosophy, the sublime and the mundane, occasionally even the ludicrous, co-exist.’
      • ‘The book is a storehouse of knowledge on each of the 42 constituencies and will be on sale nationwide for €19.95.’
      • ‘He is a storehouse of the history of our Carnival and a true ambassador for our culture.’
      • ‘It is the duty of any scientist to expand the storehouse of knowledge.’
      • ‘And here I thought you were the one to enlighten me with your storehouse of knowledge.’
      • ‘Demolition enjoyed support among many former employees; factory buildings were dominating physical structures in the lives of workers, storehouses of powerful, oppressive memories.’
      • ‘Wetlands are the storehouses of groundwater and play a key role in maintaining the water table.’
      • ‘But there is a vast storehouse of useful information in our everyday experience.’
      • ‘At the very least, everybody understood that literature was a storehouse of documentary knowledge.’
      • ‘India with its vast variety of races and cultures is a veritable storehouse of folk dances.’
      • ‘Women always have a richer storehouse of vocabulary that they inherit from their mothers and grandmothers.’
      • ‘Like many, I've found the Bible a storehouse of wisdom and life.’
      stock, store, reserve, reservoir, stockpile, heap, pile, mass, hoard, cache, collection, storehouse, repository
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