Meaning of storyline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstɔːrɪlʌɪn/

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  • The plot of a novel, play, film, or other narrative form.

    ‘Are all loose ends, storylines and subplots seamlessly tied up in the conclusion?’
    • ‘Brave new storylines are plotted, tackling issues like illiteracy, drink driving and vote rigging.’
    • ‘The film's weakness lies in its storyline, which is knotted with subplots.’
    • ‘Films that juggle and interweave storylines across time can be tricky business.’
    • ‘Certain storylines feel compromised by the need to squeeze so much plot into a single season.’
    • ‘These films were strong on atmosphere and often had interesting storylines and settings.’
    • ‘The process began with a meeting of writers and producers where storylines were discussed.’
    • ‘The cast and crew remained tight-lipped about the storyline and the characters of the film.’
    • ‘Some of the best romantic comedies from the past have absurd storylines.’
    • ‘We're very excited about the excellent casting and the edgy and urban storylines.’
    • ‘The writers will begin to develop storylines based on the on-screen chemistry and the personalities of the actors.’
    • ‘After an hour of arguing, the four main storylines that will form the next episode are all there and it's time to split them into scenes.’
    • ‘What do you do to try and keep the storylines and dialogue feeling authentic?’
    • ‘The characters are surprisingly unconventional and breathe new life into a well-used storyline.’
    • ‘The movie is still impressive, even if contemporary viewers may be baffled by the abrupt shifts between styles, time periods and storylines.’
    • ‘While the storyline meanders badly, the musical sequences are terrific.’
    • ‘A quality film with an original storyline is a rare find these days.’
    • ‘I don't want to give anything away because the storyline is so good!’
    • ‘They all agree that the storylines are compelling.’
    • ‘Overall, the storylines are engaging and skillfully intertwined, and the acting well-done.’
    plot, storyline, scenario, chain of events