Significado de storytelling en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈstɔːrɪtɛlɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The activity of telling or writing stories.

    ‘the power of cinematic storytelling’
    • ‘The film is wrapped in a endless display of celebratory visual storytelling.’
    • ‘Classical storytelling is mostly eschewed, while actors connect to one another with a generosity that approaches some sort of spiritual repose.’
    • ‘The movies we know today are dominated by storytelling.’
    • ‘It successfully meshes history and character and myth and storytelling.’
    • ‘The hero is integral to the culture of a society because the hero is integral to storytelling, the essence of culture.’


  • Relating to the telling or writing of stories.

    ‘the oral storytelling tradition’
    • ‘storytelling techniques’
    • ‘Brown's insistence on commissioning a storytelling painting could hardly have been unique.’
    • ‘To design an interpretive, storytelling museum is an exceptional professional opportunity for an architect.’
    • ‘In real life, the director is often the storytelling extrovert and the actor the thoughtful introvert.’
    • ‘Funny though each man is, there is no storytelling virtue in having both of them in this movie.’
    • ‘We see his taciturn, vocational commitment to the basic rules of storytelling craft.’