Meaning of strange-looking in English:



  • Unusual in appearance.

    ‘deserts create many strange-looking landforms’
    • ‘A strange-looking fish has snapped up a spot on the endangered species list.’
    • ‘From the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), these strange-looking buildings were aimed at warding off intruders.’
    • ‘The town still has far too many strange-looking people in it, left over from the pop music festival a week ago.’
    • ‘A few metres away, one finds strange-looking garden eels, with their curious snouts sticking out of the sand.’
    • ‘He might have been overexcited by seeing so many new people and having to go to sleep in such a strange-looking place.’
    • ‘The dodo is the most popular illustration of a bird that piqued a lot of curiosity, because it was so strange-looking.’
    • ‘After many thousands of years of wind and rain, some strange-looking stone bridges, caves and cracks have been created by Mother Nature.’
    • ‘If you have a strange-looking mole, how can you tell if it's a melanoma?’
    • ‘He remembers seeing "this strange-looking man" coming into the pit and starting the overture.’
    • ‘This was a strange-looking fellow, with very dirty ragged clothes upon him, and a black patch over one eye.’