Meaning of strategery in English:


Pronunciation /strəˈtiːdʒəri/


mass noun informal US
  • Strategy (chiefly used ironically or derisively)

    • ‘maybe this is his brilliant strategery—drive them so crazy that they act rashly!’
    • ‘He's providing us with an object lesson in strategery.’
    • ‘I think it would be bad for him to do a lot of "strategery" type stuff.’
    • ‘He limits his polling data to the handful of senior advisers who attend the "strategery meetings".’
    • ‘He's planning strategery against us!’
    • ‘Hey, a person can only handle one strategery at once, you know.’
    • ‘He's going to be the fall guy in the classic strategery for evading accountability.’
    • ‘I believe that he has chosen the better strategery and is running a more efficient campaign — no doubt an advantage of his obvious organizational talent.’
    • ‘A good strategery plan before quoting gaffes is to know your enemy.’
    • ‘Drawing lines in the sand isn't good strategery!’
    • ‘All of that double-reverse strategery disorients supporters.’


Mid 19th century alteration of strategy (originally as an unintentional error); popularized in the early 21st century in a comedy sketch about President George W. Bush on the US television series Saturday Night Live.