Meaning of straw poll in English:

straw poll


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(also North American straw vote)
  • An unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion.

    ‘I took a straw poll among my immediate colleagues’
    • ‘When compiling the form statisticians wanted to ask people how much they earned - but, having conducted a straw poll which indicated this would not be welcomed by the public, the idea was dropped.’
    • ‘Holmes said that at the last meeting of the association at Headingley he conducted a straw poll to see what members felt about Gough and the overwhelming majority wanted him to stay with Yorkshire.’
    • ‘With this in mind, I conducted a quick straw poll.’
    • ‘Yet, a straw poll of public opinion suggests the directive also enjoys some support - even amongst members of the public who will end up footing the bill.’
    • ‘Conduct a straw poll among Dubliners now on where they would live given an unlimited budget, and the answer is likely to be Howth, Dalkey, Rathmines or Ranelagh.’
    • ‘In so far as these are best estimates after conducting my straw poll, in most instances they would be accurate to within $50,000.’
    • ‘Davis remains the bookies' favourite to win and a straw poll of Tory backbenchers conducted by The Sunday Times this weekend suggests he is ahead among MPs.’
    • ‘It is worth comparing the 80,000 who voted in the Republican caucuses with the 25,000 who cast ballots in the straw poll held last August at the state fairgrounds in Ames.’
    • ‘This included some six interviews, a straw poll of public opinion, and a discussion of constitutional issues surrounding the marriage.’
    • ‘We have conducted our own straw poll among divers we meet around the world.’
    • ‘As the Federal Government moves into full election mode, a straw poll of cattle producers in regional Victoria has found Liberal party leadership is not an issue.’
    • ‘Local residents have no idea who the Mayor of Leichhardt is, but nearly all believe they should decide the position by popular vote, a straw poll has revealed.’
    • ‘Admittedly the poll is a straw poll and by definition unscientific but it does tally with other anecdotal evidence on attitudes to immigration.’
    • ‘The conversation turned to ages and so a straw poll rated me the second oldest, when in fact I was the youngest.’
    • ‘No Irish technology firms are expected to go public in 2003, according to a straw poll of venture capital funders and corporate financiers conducted by The Sunday Business Post.’
    • ‘Just how much is translated over seems to be hard information to obtain but a straw poll of institutions and embassies reveals that most of them estimate the figure is over 50%.’
    • ‘I took a straw poll and others agree with me that ‘in our day’ infants and primary school children did not abuse each other in this fashion.’
    • ‘A quick straw poll amongst friends confirmed it - middle aged women are becoming increasingly sexually demanding and, unlike their mothers, are not prepared to settle for less.’
    • ‘And a straw poll amongst my colleagues suggests most people agree.’
    • ‘Can I suggest reading all the evidence and expanding the straw poll before jumping to conclusions.’
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