Meaning of strawberry blonde in English:

strawberry blonde



(also strawberry blond)
  • (of a person's hair) light reddish-blonde in colour.

    ‘strawberry blonde hair’
    • ‘A nurse with strawberry blond hair walked in the room.’
    • ‘They set perched atop a pert nose, and small heart-shaped lips, surrounded by high cheekbones and sun-kissed strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘The mother came in from the kitchen, dark steel blue eyes clouded over with tears of worry and stress, strawberry blond hair matted and gnarled.’
    • ‘James had strawberry blond hair and twinkling green eyes.’
    • ‘She had strawberry blond hair, that matched the boy's slightly.’
    • ‘Courtney's strawberry blond hair fell just past her shoulders, cascading onto her crimson vest.’
    • ‘She was a small girl with short strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.’
    • ‘I peeked in the crack and saw a flash of Brittany's strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘As I waved my hand through my shoulder length strawberry blond hair, I remembered last summer.’
    • ‘Cherry peered over the runway, finding Rose's strawberry blond hair among the crowd easily.’
    • ‘Lana, a girl with strawberry blond hair, jumped up from her seat in a rush, her hair falling all around her face.’
    • ‘He was of medium height and build with strawberry blond hair and freckles.’
    • ‘She had long strawberry blond hair, falling gently around her shoulders in soft waves.’
    • ‘As Amy and I headed towards the door hand in hand I caught a glimpse of strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘Donovan sat up, sighing, and raked a hand through his mess of strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘He is aged in his mid-20s with reddish or strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘Tiny and withered by hard living as she appeared, she still wore shocking strawberry blond braids down to her waist.’
    • ‘A ponytail of strawberry blond hair hung casually below the reversed peak of her baseball cap.’
    • ‘Her hair wasn't even real red; it was more strawberry blond.’
    • ‘His queen, a girl with long, strawberry blond ringlets, clutched his arm tightly at his side, positively beaming.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde


(also strawberry blond)
  • A person with light reddish-blonde hair (typically used of a woman)

    ‘the strawberry blonde holds her place as a glamour queen’
    • ‘He blushed lightly as he saw her with her hair dyed back to her original color, strawberry blonde, floating down around her shoulders.’
    • ‘It had gone from dark brown with tiny bits of gold and red tones to it, to a redder brown, to strawberry blonde, then to black, and many other tones.’
    • ‘I went with strawberry blonde, because we have an imbalance of red in our class.’
    • ‘Tegan's hair was becoming more of a strawberry blonde.’