Meaning of streamline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstriːmlʌɪn/

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[with object]
  • 1Design or provide with a form that presents very little resistance to a flow of air or water, increasing speed and ease of movement.

    ‘engineers can reduce a vehicle's fuel consumption by reducing its size and weight and by streamlining its body’
    • ‘Keeping your body straight in the water, keeping streamlined, will determine how fast you'll go.’
    • ‘This will burn more fuel because of the extra drag caused by the rudder and because the aircraft is no longer streamlined.’
    • ‘Its body is sleek and streamlined, with muscles especially adapted to give a good forward push in water.’
    • ‘Avoid adverse yaw by allowing the ailerons to streamline when there's no crosswind present.’
    • ‘Efficient cowling would not only benefit cooling but would also add to streamlining and an increase in overall performance.’
    • ‘There is no denying its sleek, streamlined body is a thing of beauty.’
    • ‘This helps develop hand speed and awareness of water speed as well as streamlining at above race speed.’
    • ‘Towards the end of the war, Barnes Wallis began working on the R.80 airship, deviating from the traditional Zeppelin design by streamlining the craft.’
    • ‘Their sleek bodies were long and tall, yet slim and streamlined, their long tails bushy and stylishly curved.’
    • ‘Another advantage of these floats is that, being thicker based and less streamlined, they do not impact so deeply into the water.’
    • ‘Then go back and do it again, but with your arms streamlined overhead (extended body position).’
    • ‘The widely spaced landing gear had tight spats around the wheels and tires and was quite streamlined.’
    • ‘A new streamlined windscreen was added along with modified airframe fillets.’
    • ‘Its body shape is streamlined, allowing it to slip smoothly and effortlessly through open water.’
    • ‘They were streamlined, laterally compressed fish with a bony skeleton and thick bony scales.’
    • ‘It was silver and streamlined and while I knew absolutely nothing about cars, it looked expensive.’
    • ‘Stretching helps elongate our limbs, making our legs as streamlined as possible.’
    • ‘It was about half the size of a cruise ship, and as streamlined as the best money could buy.’
    • ‘Rigs need to be tough, but streamlined and functional without any unnecessary trappings.’
    • ‘The boat they are moving is less heavy, more streamlined and floats a lot higher in the water.’
  • 2Make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

    ‘the company streamlined its operations by removing whole layers of management’
    • ‘It has 24 civilian staff and efforts have been made to improve its computer record system to streamline services.’
    • ‘‘We want to introduce new efficiencies and streamline the service as much as possible,’ Mr McCarthy said.’
    • ‘The provincial government, meanwhile, says it is undertaking the changes as part of its effort to streamline the health care system.’
    • ‘The program is in good shape theoretically, but it needs to be speeded up and streamlined.’
    • ‘A lot of Taiwanese companies do not even have a basic information system to keep their information flow streamlined.’
    • ‘Finding a partner who can provide strategic direction and streamline the design process can ensure a positive user experience for your customers.’
    • ‘He said he would like to see worldwide aid distribution facilities streamlined, and possibly increased in number.’
    • ‘Regional and domestic services will be realigned and streamlined to provide an improved and more cost effective service.’
    • ‘So firstly he has stated that disciplinary proceedings will be streamlined and speeded up.’
    • ‘The focus of this initiative is to streamline hiring processes and increase hiring flexibility.’
    • ‘We're not people who like to show the joints within the work - everything is sleek and streamlined.’
    • ‘In recent years her style has become more sophisticated, elegant and streamlined.’
    • ‘Rearranging the shop floor layout opened up thousands of square feet and streamlined the process.’
    • ‘We have streamlined the way to get your action-packed sports on to the pages as quickly and reliably as possible.’
    • ‘Now these two bodies could be streamlined into one committee.’
    • ‘The game is crying out for one governing body that is both streamlined and fully accountable to the clubs.’
    • ‘Along the way he streamlined the process in place to handle borrowed vehicle pickups.’
    • ‘Anyway, they all smiled when I showed them the new streamlined, easy to read form.’
    • ‘The first version of a report is usually further streamlined and even revised in a bid to improve its logic and style.’
    • ‘Year after year producers promise a shorter, more streamlined and somehow more sophisticated program.’
    efficient, smooth-running, well run, well organized, slick


  • A line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent.

    ‘The flow was largely laminar, and the streamlines remained remarkably coherent and showed little deviation during the course of the experiment.’
    • ‘As the wind progresses up the windward slope of the dune form, streamlines are compressed by the dune body, causing an acceleration of flow towards the crest.’
    • ‘Notice that each streamline changes in color as its temperature changes.’
    • ‘Secondary goals are to place streamlines such that there is coverage in non-critical regions, and to vary the streamline placements and lengths.’
    • ‘Our new coordinate system is always lined up with the streamlines at each point in the flow.’


  • 1(of fluid flow) free from turbulence.

    ‘After the entire body is through the hole, maintain your streamline position and flatten out quickly to direct your energy toward the other end.’
    • ‘Once completely submerged in a streamline position, do three, four or five dolphin kicks, building from about 50 percent to 90 percent effort or more.’
    • ‘Our swimmers do their kicking drills in a streamline position, on their back, and also on their side (with one arm stretched out and the other on their side).’
    • ‘The swimmer begins the lap in a streamline position, counting his kicks.’
    • ‘I think our underwater streamline sprints have had a lot to do with that record.’
    • ‘The arm pull should be somewhat downward to break the torso out of the water vertically and provide for a forward lunge and initial kick which will take the body to its first surface streamline position.’
    • ‘This streamline position is important to reduce resistance as you push off the wall.’
    • ‘The downkick continues downward until it reaches its lowest point without the upper body moving out of a streamline position.’
  • 2 dated Having a streamlined shape.

    ‘a streamline aeroplane’
    • ‘The controller has a streamline shape that looks more like a stealth airplane than a game controller.’
    • ‘This engine gave the aircraft sufficient power to enable its streamline shape to be used to its full advantage.’
    • ‘The building on the left is from the ‘decorative’ early period of art deco; on the right is an example from the later, unadorned streamline period.’
    • ‘Now, still lying on the ground, extend your hands out front, streamline fashion, and lift your head by pressing down on your hands or forearms.’
    • ‘You will go faster during the kick drill and make significant strides toward improving your streamline position flexibility.’
    • ‘Let's examine a full-arm cycle starting from a streamline position.’
    • ‘It has also been argued that subglacial streamline bedforms (flutes and drumlins) are a product of subglacial deformation.’
    • ‘They were humanoid, just as tall as Cedric, with more streamline physiques.’
    • ‘After each kick they hold their hands out in front in the streamline position for either one or two seconds.’
    • ‘He is thinking about making sure his streamline position will be long and strong and tight.’
    • ‘The main body was streamline, ending in a rounded point, with something that looked like a long, thick black loop that had been bent around the back and almost reached the point attached at various points.’
    • ‘He was smartly dressed at this point in time with a suit following the streamline curve of his thighs.’
    • ‘This shade stood like a boy about 19 years old, with visible leg and arm muscles that weren't huge, but at a size that seemed to make him more streamline.’