Meaning of street art in English:

street art


mass noun
  • Artwork that is created in a public space, typically without official permission.

    ‘many people I know don't even notice street art’
    • ‘Despite his lack of interest in street art, he's not confined to the canvas.’
    • ‘Banksy has issued a statement urging people not to buy "street art" unless it was created for sale.’
    • ‘The problem with street art is that it cannot easily be sold on an auction block.’
    • ‘It's genuine street art; I feel creatively nourished when I see it.’
    • ‘Far more than the doodles of bored delinquents, street art presents a clear social and ideological resistance to hegemony through its physicality.’
    • ‘Melbourne is now a major tourist destination purely on the basis of its street art.’
    • ‘They want street art to be seen as legitimate, as contributing positively to the urban landscape.’
    • ‘A lot of their painting is about street culture and youth culture, with a lot of graffiti street art.’
    • ‘The beauty of the street art in this city is that even if you're not the kind of person to stop into art galleries to have a browse, you can still have a truly awesome art experience: just slow down your walk a little bit.’
    • ‘I've been arrested for doing street art.’