Meaning of stress test in English:

stress test

(also stress-test)

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  • 1A test of cardiovascular capacity made by monitoring the heart rate during a period of increasingly strenuous exercise.

    ‘the stress test suggested that he had coronary artery disease’
    • ‘you may need to have a stress test to check out your heart’
    • ‘No one can begin exercising before passing the stress test.’
    • ‘Adams has since stepped up his physical exams to twice a year, requesting chest x-rays, an EKG, and a stress test if he senses anything unusual.’
    • ‘So I went back to see my doctor and he said, get a stress test.’
    • ‘I had a stress test done three or four years ago, and the doctor said my heart would last until I was 95.’
    • ‘A periodic health check up that includes a physical examination, complete blood test and lipid profile, chest x-ray, ECG and stress test is essential.’
    • ‘I have to do a full stress test and ROM physical exam of you to see how your motor functions have adjusted.’
    • ‘I had one visit to the doctor before I began training - for an echo cardiogram and stress test, which my wife, a physician, insisted on to be sure my ticker was in good shape.’
    • ‘Stress tests and a good medical history are the two screening tools that are used to decide who gets angiography.’
    • ‘Designed to detect actual or potential heart, problems, the stress test requires clients to walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bicycle while technicians monitor their heart rate and blood pressure.’
    • ‘You may be in need of a maximal treadmill stress test, which will reveal any reduced flow in the arteries.’
    • ‘All initial treadmill stress tests were normal.’
    • ‘His recent research, published in the journal Health Psychology, suggests that a simple stress test can more accurately identify people who are predisposed to heart problems.’
    • ‘Exercise electrocardiography (stress test) may be conducted while the person exercises on a treadmill.’
    • ‘Various tests, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) or a nuclear stress test, can help assess your heart function.’
    • ‘A cardiac stress test generally follows a thorough physical examination.’
    • ‘He had an abnormal stress test which suggested that he had coronary artery disease.’
    • ‘A new study shows stress tests may not catch heart disease early on.’
    • ‘I am much more interested in the everyday: the ear infections, annual check-ups and stress tests that make up health care.’
    • ‘After abnormal stress test results at the doctor's office, he traded in his fast-pace high-travel job to one closer to home and lost 10 pounds in the process.’
    • ‘He was too weak to take a stress test, but his angiogram was postponed until October anyway.’
    1. 1.1A test designed to assess how well a system functions when subjected to greater than normal amounts of stress or pressure.
      ‘the biggest banks are getting a financial stress test to see if they can withstand a deep recession’
      • ‘However, Powell said the U.S. will forge ahead by sending teams of "engineers" to the location to conduct a series of stress tests.’
      • ‘Our recent experience in coping with economic changes has provided more than one stress test of the macroeconomic models that are in use in our institutions.’
      • ‘Hurley told this newspaper that all Irish banks and lenders will next month be subject to a financial shocks 'stress test'.’
      • ‘One of these is a stress test, where product is heated to 100 degrees for 10 days to measure how it withstands the heat.’
      • ‘But now everyone's risk management is getting a stress test.’
      • ‘It's a form of stress test - we haven't moved this notional rate downwards, despite the recent falls in interest rates.’
      • ‘Several weeks ago, Nvidia executives said that games and other real applications were a better stress test for graphics chips, rather than synthetic benchmarks.’
      • ‘We're trying to run a stress test on the new servers, as well as encourage people to sign up, so give them a shot.’
      • ‘The real stress test though for these buildings that Cal and I were just talking about is not so much done by man but by Mother Nature.’
      • ‘The government should have insisted instead that every bank accept a public stake and brushed off Barclays' and HSBC's special pleading that, according to FSA "stress tests" they did not need the cash.’
      • ‘This past week, officials expanded their already extensive list of reforms and regulations by announcing a stress test of the 19 largest banks.’
      • ‘America's Treasury released details about the "stress tests" that are being applied under the new Capital Assistance Programme.’
      • ‘Indeed, once stress tests on the banks are completed in April, there is the distinct prospect that the government's creeping nationalisation of the sector will extend further.’
      • ‘US regulators are due to begin stress tests on Wednesday to determine how much capital banks need.’
      • ‘Several reports indicate the treasury stress test will show that Bank of America needs to raise as much as $35 billion.’
      • ‘Since then, the government stress tests determined that the bank needed to raise an extra $5.5 billion.’


[with object]
  • Subject to a stress test.

    ‘industry regulators unveiled plans to stress-test the nation's largest banks’
    • ‘Jones argued that operators need to stress-test the functionality on their web sites, down to the transactional level to properly gauge performance.’
    • ‘Just as interest rates change from time to time so, too, does the benchmark rate against which we stress test.’
    • ‘This month, when most of the City is worried about their jobs, the FSA is busy stress-testing "severe weather".’
    • ‘Given the less than serious attitude that lenders take towards stress-testing borrowers, we see nothing controversial in that view.’
    • ‘Britain, which has already stress-tested its banks, has said its recovery could be delayed by other European states failing to clean up their banks.’
    • ‘The device needed to be stress-tested, to make sure that it could withstand almost anything that a customer might do to it.’
    • ‘Most banks have said in recent months that their mortgage portfolios have been stress-tested to ensure that borrowers could comfortably cope with rate hikes of up to 2%.’
    • ‘In addition, individual banks have stress-tested their systems and fundamentally re-evaluated what they are about.’
    • ‘Banks, under an unprecedented level of scrutiny by regulators for their lending practices and financial health, face a new round of stress-testing by the Central Bank within two weeks.’
    • ‘Eric Baller, Questra's director of services and support, wanted to stress-test the company's Web servers to make sure they wouldn't buckle during an unexpected surge in traffic.’
    • ‘Last year was a bad one for a lot of things and therefore a good time for stress-testing the high-powered business models now used by the biggest banks.’
    • ‘After all, intentionally causing collisions is precisely how the auto industry checks to make sure cars are safe; building-materials and airplanes and almost everything else is similarly stress-tested.’
    • ‘Most lenders stress-test home loan applications before approval, at interest rates of between 1 to 3 percentage points higher than the applicable rate at the time.’
    • ‘Every new record is accompanied by assurances that all borrowers are being stress-tested and that their loan books are hunky-dory.’
    • ‘Every day she stress-tests her bonds under 12 separate hypothetical scenarios - such as rising rates, falling rates, credit deterioration - to see what impact they might have on the fund.’
    • ‘Early in the development process, Perl scripts proved especially effective in helping test new functionality and stress test the software.’
    • ‘"I am also having to have one of the windows stress-tested as it may have been weakened by a firework hitting it," Mr Reason said.’