Significado de strike a balance en en inglés

strike a balance


  • Choose a moderate course.

    ‘she's decided to strike a balance between fashionable and accessible’
    • ‘She has been choosing her theatre work very carefully, striking a balance between family and work time.’
    • ‘What he, in fact every one of us needs, is to strike a balance and stay on an even course.’
    • ‘A reasonable balance will have to be struck so that Costa staff are not overwhelmed and thereby unable to perform their necessary day to day work.’
    • ‘They only disagreed about the separate question of how to strike the balance given the particular facts before them.’
    • ‘You normally strike a genuine balance on matters of civil liberties.’
    • ‘A fair balance must be struck between the protection of the individual's fundamental rights and the demands of the general interests of the community.’
    • ‘They worry about just about everything - but a balance must be struck.’
    • ‘Continual use of your jets will deplete your energy and make you drop like a stone, so a balance must be struck between controlled bursts and longer sprays.’
    • ‘Citizens will have to decide where the balance must be struck.’
    • ‘There are trade-offs between equality and economic growth, and each society must strike its own balance.’