Meaning of strike me lucky in English:

strike me lucky


informal mainly Australian
  • Used to express astonishment or indignation.

    • ‘Strike me lucky, that's business hypocrisy at its worst!’
    • ‘Strike me lucky, I am beginning to sound like a whinger.’
    • ‘Every day I try to beat everyone else but, strike me pink, the number of times I was slowed down by some commuter bike getting in my way!’
    • ‘Strike me pink if I know what to make of it!’
    • ‘I was just walking through to the phone when, strike me pink, there were all these boats bumping against the foreshore.’
    • ‘Strike me lucky, I wouldn't say that if I had a wife.’
    • ‘"Strike me lucky, ain't he a sight!"’
    • ‘"Why, strike me pink, if it ain't young Drummond," Hugh said with a grin.’
    • ‘Strike me pink if I have ever seen anything more grotesque!’
    • ‘Strike me lucky if the entire population doesn't already know that there's a treasure there.’