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Pronunciation /ˈstrɪŋə/

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  • 1A longitudinal structural piece in a framework, especially that of a ship or aircraft.

    ‘Longitudinal stringers are fir encased in fiberglass, and athwartship bulkheads are construction-grade exterior plywood.’
    • ‘Once the stringers and bulkheads are properly located, then starts all the cut-outs and reinforcements for the stabilizers and tailwheel.’
    • ‘The manufacturer cut the boats' longitudinal frames or stringers to make it easier to install drain lines.’
    • ‘The hull is supported by a system of longitudinal stringers and transverse frames of plywood encased in fiberglass and resin.’
    • ‘Improper support can cause the hull to distort, causing cracked bulkheads, engine misalignment or broken stringers.’
    • ‘For the most part, stringers could be copied from originals but bulkheads required a lot more work.’
    • ‘Around the basic tube fuselage, Gordon added wooden stringers and formers to give the unit its desired shape.’
    • ‘At this time, only the stringers are being drilled and riveted.’
    • ‘As the ribs were completed, there was not a precise method to determine where the stringers would pass through the ribs.’
    • ‘As a result of these pressures, stringers must usually move right to move up.’
    • ‘Courriere felt the exterior port stem between the stringer and the windows.’
    • ‘The army in gray had destroyed the planking of the bridge, leaving only the stringers holding it in place.’
    • ‘This takes place particularly in the parent plate under butt welds, the cracks following the line of the sulphide inclusion stringers.’
    • ‘From what we know, we would expect to have to replace frames or frame sections, skins, stringers and doublers in the damaged areas.’
    • ‘The distance between the stringers should be 8 feet.’
    • ‘The hull is supported by a system of longitudinal stringers and transverse frames of plywood encased in fiberglass and resin.’
    • ‘Another key factor is the strength and location of the support base on which the stringers rest.’
    • ‘The selection, number, and placement of the stringers supporting overhead cover is critical to the safety of a position.’
    • ‘A post-tensioned transverse diaphragm at pier 45 supports the approach viaduct stringers at that pier.’
    • ‘With a double carbon graphite stringer, rail stiffeners, and slick skin bottom, it was also quite fast.’
  • 2 informal A newspaper correspondent who is retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place.

    • ‘papers relied increasingly on locally based stringers and news agencies’
    • ‘The more you cover local news, the more local people buy newspapers, these stringers said.’
    • ‘He exhorted the journalists - one staff correspondent and several stringers - to take an injured child to the hospital.’
    • ‘This news agency of some sort collected stories from stringers or correspondents and passed them on to the paper.’
    • ‘At the time I was not long out of college, working as a stringer, editorial writer and arts reviewer for the Galway Advertiser.’
    • ‘When I joined the staff in 1973, it had no staff correspondents, relying entirely on stringers and outside contributors.’
    • ‘Schulberg started writing as a high school stringer for newspapers when he was growing up in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘He has taken photographs as a stringer for The Associated Press and had a story published in The New York Times.’
    • ‘Most national correspondents will tell you they rely on stringers and researchers and interns and clerks and news assistants.’
    • ‘Were they acting like the stringers who just happen to be around for events such as the murder of election officials on Haifa Street?’
    • ‘For a long time, even in the Balkans, they didn't have anyone reporting there and were depending on BBC stringers.’
    • ‘But these stringers do not seek union representation, only editorial control over the work of others.’
    • ‘And Sun News in the South has a district network of 140 stringers to bring district news to its viewers.’
    • ‘I only have experience as a stringer for a daily and a freelancer for magazines and weeklies.’
    • ‘The paper was more generous with stringers in those days - I even received a byline.’
    • ‘There was only one stringer in the world Borg trusted, a fellow Swede called Mats Laftman.’
    • ‘Asianet, whose stringer he used to be, has pretty much dumped him, and his legal expenses have reduced him to penury.’
    • ‘Reynolds, in particular, makes use of this jury-rigged stringer system to alert his readers to articles that would otherwise go unnoticed.’
    reporter, journalist, columnist, writer, contributor, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, commentator, chronicler
  • 3in combination A reserve sports player holding a specified position in an order of preference.

    • ‘six of the team's 24 first-stringers are Canadian’
  • 4North American A chain with hooks on which caught fish are strung.

    ‘Anglers who were more interested in stringers of ‘fish’ that day mostly stayed home.’
    • ‘From this point forward, every incremental rise in the surf temperature equates to a couple more fish on the stringer.’
    • ‘The place for table fish is a stringer or floating basket.’
    • ‘We put the fish on a stringer after determining that it was just short of the ton at 96 lb.’
    • ‘Eloy congratulated me patronizingly for ‘not giving up’ and gave me his stringer of fish.’
    • ‘He saw that she had a few nice sized fish on a stringer laying behind her in a bucket of water.’
    • ‘When the fish are on the stringer and the sun is high in the sky - steer for home and a nice hot lunch.’
    • ‘They played the fish to the bank and promptly netted it and put it on a stringer which already had four other fish on it.’
    • ‘In bay and beachfront fishing, it often is what you cannot see that means more to the stringer.’
    • ‘Light baiting with stringers was the order of the day, just to give the fish something to home in on.’
    • ‘You'll also need a stringer - a five-metre length of soft rope.’
    • ‘It was then allowed to recover on the stringer in deeper water before being returned alive to grow on to even larger proportions.’
    • ‘Water moccasins had a nasty habit of gliding up and feeding on my catch, dangling from a stringer in the shallows.’
    • ‘Kevin had just landed an absolute monster and had it retained on a stringer.’
    • ‘Many are aimed at speckled trout and redfish, with daily stringer weights determining the winners.’
  • 5A stringboard.

    ‘The bottom tread of this stringer must be 1-1/2 in. shorter and the top must be notched around the cleat/cross brace.’
    • ‘The metal balustrade assemblies bolt to the posts and the staircase's concealed stringer (the painted beam).’
    • ‘Treads may be set into a dado or nailed to a cleat attached to the side of a stair stringer.’
    • ‘Another simple pergola of 2x3 stringers and tapered cross supports accents a path from the street to the home's side entrance.’
    • ‘Cut and install the treads after the risers, again concentrating on a clean fit between the finished stringers and a good line against the riser.’
    • ‘Using a 3-foot-diameter steel pipe as supporting stringer and railing makes for easy installation.’
    • ‘4x4 railing posts should be spaced four feet on center, with posts located at deck corners and against stair stringers.’
    • ‘The angle of the stringers have to be such the stair risers are all the same height after the treads are nailed.’
    • ‘The stringer connects the level of the deck to the grade, for the installation of stair risers and treads.’
    joist, purlin, girder, spar, support, strut, stay, brace, scantling, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, balk, board, timber, plank, lath, rafter