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Pronunciation /strəʊb/

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  • 1A stroboscope.

    ‘Run silent until you see the infrared strobe, bogeys reported in your area.’
    • ‘One remembers the fellow visitor off to the right but cannot see them, as they are blotted out by the strobe's afterimage.’
    • ‘Ah well, let's just stare at the white strobe for a few seconds.’
    • ‘I think most commercial strobes are fixed so you can't hit the seizure-inducing frequencies, anyway.’
    • ‘It seemed to mimic the sound pattern his strobes were making, but where was it coming from?’
    • ‘For instance, a retractor can keep a console model away from a strobe or electric scooter.’
    • ‘I maintained electrical control and activated the strobes to increase our visibility.’
    • ‘Any electrical device, such as torches or strobes, must be reliable and robust if it is to be relied on as a marker buoy.’
    1. 1.1A stroboscopic lamp.
      as modifier ‘strobe lights’
      • ‘Mad strobe lighting during the chorus was a fun dramatic flourish but I wish they'd put a bit more death metal in the guitars.’
      • ‘The plan was to cause his car to crash in a tunnel by dazzling the chauffeur with a strobe light.’
      • ‘That's what found him under the glare of the strobe lights one chilly Saturday evening amidst the calm environs of the Chiran Fort Club.’
      • ‘Nightclubs require smoke, I reasoned, to drift across the strobe lights, to mix with the smell of beer and mingle with the music.’
      • ‘As the strobe lights did their job, the little ones shone as stars.’
      • ‘At one point a strobe light was used, seemingly just to induce seizures.’
      • ‘The bulb in the shell-shaped lamp on the wall flickered like a strobe light and painted irregular shadows on the walls.’
      • ‘When she said it was time to start the strobe light going, I vacated the room.’
      • ‘To begin with, it's a 40-foot-long vehicle that's painted bright orange and carrying a flashing strobe light on the roof.’
      • ‘The strobe light atop a school bus gets noticed.’
      • ‘The day of the show, we turned on the strobe lights and got ready onstage.’
      • ‘The strobe lights blind my eyes as they bounce off the walls and people.’
      • ‘Under the strobes, when your nose is red and the screaming from your liver is drowned out by loud music, the non-drinker is a pariah.’
      • ‘At the time of the collision the city employee was operating her vehicle with an overhead strobe and a traffic advisory sign.’
      • ‘All was flashes of hot pink and turquoise blue, the strobe of the late eighties.’
      • ‘Some divers use permanently flashing strobes.’
      • ‘We used the strobes only by attaching them to the top of folding flags.’
      • ‘I shudder to think of it now, as I never dive without two spares, and usually a strobe as well.’
      • ‘One had a strobe with him, which helped us find them in the darkness when we returned to the spot.’
      • ‘All divers must carry a reel, DSMB and strobe, and are also encouraged to carry trauma shears.’
      • ‘It was the lights, the sudden strobe, then the soft focus that made them look like smutty angels.’
  • 2North American An electronic flash for a camera.

    ‘So far his only problem has been explaining his sophisticated camera equipment and strobes, rather than cylinders.’
    • ‘In order to see the interface, we did not want any direct light from the strobe entering the camera lens.’
    • ‘I can't get close enough for my camera strobes to make a difference.’
    • ‘At dawn I stood before their ‘sleeping tree’ with my feet in a puddle of water, camera on tripod, strobe on, and mosquitoes all around.’
    • ‘Tiger Lily finally got back to the site after dark but Capon used the safety beacon in his camera strobe to catch its attention.’
    • ‘First, keep the camera and strobe as warm as possible, even outdoors.’
    • ‘Instead, I attacked the elephant seal with my camera and strobe.’
    • ‘I regained some composure and raised my camera and strobe to see where it had gone.’
    • ‘The camera is fitted with an integrated strobe and provides WiFi connectivity.’
    • ‘If you're into macro photography, keep your lens caps off and your strobes charged.’
    • ‘Lifting my camera, I adjusted the position of my strobes and focused on this weird and wonderful creature.’
    • ‘The strobes were still firing and the shark was getting more and more agitated.’
    • ‘I raised the camera to my eye, lowered it again, took the lens cover off, raised it again, lowered it again, and switched the strobe on.’
    • ‘Unfortunately Mark had a strobe implode and only one picture was developed from this dive.’
    • ‘I smiled each time my strobe synchronised with a brilliant lightning flash just above the jetty.’
    • ‘Within minutes strobes flashed and sand flew as divers raced from one intriguing subject to the next.’
    • ‘One flash of my strobe spooks it and I'm back to stalking.’
    • ‘A lovely use of strobe accentuates the animal's colours without feeling too artificial and a strong diagonal line give the photo even greater clout.’
    • ‘At least I have one pass of the wreck with strobe working.’
    • ‘I came up with unexposed film once in 19 dives, and that was because my strobes were not firing.’


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  • 1Flash intermittently.

    ‘the light of the fireworks strobed around the room’
    • ‘Colors strobed and whirled about the room, giving it an unearthly feel.’
    • ‘The storm cleared its throat across the pan and then broke directly overhead, the thunder and lightning simultaneously strobing and crashing.’
    • ‘Will they strobe unexpectedly, causing epileptic fits in children?’
    • ‘There's a vibrating pad under our pillows that went off and strobe lighting flashing everywhere.’
    • ‘After that she shone the light in my eyes and made it do strobing.’
    • ‘The shields strobed for a second, turned white, and flicked off.’
    • ‘Blinding bursts of lightning strobed like a parade of super novae, and in a rainstorm of colors no less.’
    • ‘Background textures tend to shimmer and strobe, especially in darker scenes with darker colors.’
    • ‘"You can only run it so fast," he said, "because if you run it too fast, it's going to start to strobe."’
    • ‘They strobe and sparkle like giant disco balls.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a strobing flash of cyan brilliance erupted from the dim recesses at the far corner of the chamber.’
    • ‘Turn them on, and they blink, flicker, strobe, hum, plink, buzz, and occasionally go bang.’
    • ‘The music was blaring from the speakers all around the club, and the dark building was lit with strobing vivid colored lights.’
    1. 1.1with object Light as if with a stroboscope.
      ‘a neon sign strobed the room’
      • ‘Motions were measured from images taken by strobing a light source at the tone frequency.’
      • ‘The use of LEDs allowed us also to strobe the light during data acquisition.’
      • ‘Fighter jets have been on station around NYC that strobe their lights, and turn them on and off.’
      • ‘The sun fell between them in strips of light across the road, strobing her as she drove through them.’
      • ‘As the lights go down strobe lighting and terrific claps of thunder herald the storm.’
  • 2Exhibit or give rise to strobing.

    ‘he explained that the stripes I was wearing would strobe’
    • ‘I looked at the alien sitting beside me, leaning against my arm with the flickering light of the Active FlatLine screen strobing across her face.’
    • ‘The motion artifacts are not blur but strobing, which is an unfortunate side effect of quick movement shot on video.’
    • ‘There appears to be some slight strobing and motion artifacting or ‘smearing’ in clothing patterns.’
    • ‘His name, rank and regiment strobed on the bottom of the Sergeant's heads-up display.’
    • ‘The lights were strobing and it made me sick to watch people jerking to the music instead of flowing.’
    • ‘Many quick pulses of red light strobed out of the main cannon opening.’


1940s abbreviation of stroboscopic (see stroboscope).