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(also Sr)
mass noun
  • The chemical element of atomic number 38, a soft silver-white metal of the alkaline earth series.

    The salts of strontium are used in fireworks and flares because they give a brilliant red light. The radioactive isotope strontium-90 is a particularly dangerous component of nuclear fallout as it can become concentrated in bones and teeth

    ‘The Scottish village is Strontia and the element is the alkaline earth metal strontium.’
    • ‘Because of its chemical closeness to calcium, strontium can comfortably replace the lighter element in enamel, dentin, and bone.’
    • ‘ARS developed methods using calcium to remove strontium - 90 radioactivity from wheat and milk in 1962.’
    • ‘Plants incorporate strontium in place of calcium but the amount is determined by the relative abundance of these elements in the soil.’
    • ‘The scattering response of the system is not identical for calcium and strontium.’



/ˈstrɒntɪəm/ /ˈstrɒnʃ(ɪ)əm/


Early 19th century from strontia+ -ium.