Meaning of studmuffin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstʌdmʌfɪn/


informal North American
  • A man perceived as sexually attractive, typically one with well-developed muscles.

    • ‘It's interesting to see one of these studmuffins break down in tears after a rejection.’
    • ‘I hope he doesn't ache too bad tomorrow (or at least that the smug satisfaction of being a studmuffin outweighs the twinges).’
    • ‘When plucky-but-unlucky Molly Ringwald ends up at a birthday party for two with the studmuffin of her dreams, it's pretty damn inspiring.’
    • ‘Though I could admit he was a studmuffin, I didn't actually feel any sort of ‘crush’ towards him.’
    • ‘Standing at the door, I saw a total studmuffin staring at me.’
    • ‘Just how many women think of the secretary of defense as a studmuffin remains unclear.’
    • ‘If you spent the energy on pulling that you do on posting, you'd be a studmuffin in a week.’
    • ‘Regarding H.G.'s description of her studmuffin, I can only say that the U.S. version of this beast is not the same as the one she describes.’
    • ‘‘That's absurd,’ blushes Black when told he is considered a studmuffin.’
    muscleman, strongman, macho, macho man, iron man, Hercules, Atlas, Samson, Tarzan