Meaning of stun gun in English:

stun gun


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  • A device used to immobilize an attacker without causing serious injury, typically by administering an electric shock.

    ‘The Los Angeles Times newspaper has reported that the troops used a stun gun to administer electric shocks to a suspected resistance fighter.’
    • ‘Three firearms, an electric stun gun and three canisters of CS spray were also recovered.’
    • ‘For years, the company maintained that its stun guns never caused a death or serious injury.’
    • ‘This has led for calls to equip police with less dangerous weapons such as tasers, electric stun guns, capable of disabling people.’
    • ‘Armed officers in Bradford have been given the go-ahead to use electric stun guns in firearms incidents.’
    • ‘In London 48 homes were raided over four days by 500 police officers, who seized four sub-machineguns, 108 handguns, 13 rifles, seven shotguns and 13 stun guns.’
    • ‘Police announced after the raid they had seized a small arsenal of weapons including a stun gun, an imitation firearm and a CS gas canister.’
    • ‘Police found him in possession of a Taser stun gun - a Section One prohibited weapon, under the Firearms Act, which discharges an electrical pulse, and is in use by the police.’
    • ‘The idea was developed to bridge the gap between kinetic rounds and devices designed for use at close-in range, such as stun guns.’
    • ‘The senate voted 36-25 not to endorse a recommendation that campus public safety officers be armed with Taser stun guns.’
    • ‘United spent $1 million two years ago on 1,300 Taser stun guns and trained its pilots to use them.’
    • ‘According to Tucker, there is some confusion in the marketplace about the difference between stun guns and tasers.’
    • ‘An adolescent was subdued with a Taser stun gun and subsequently collapsed.’
    • ‘He was then stabbed with a sword and slashed with the machete and had a stun gun held against him before his attackers eventually left.’
    • ‘A motorist was shot, apparently with a Taser stun gun, during a road rage type attack as his young son looked on, police said last night.’
    • ‘The weapon was a taser, a stun gun that temporarily numbs your body with 50,000 volts of energy.’
    • ‘There was pepper spray, tasers, stun guns, and you know, stuff like that.’
    • ‘A loaded pistol was found in a search of the embassy, and also a stun gun, electroshock gun, if you like.’
    • ‘Police in West Yorkshire used a taser electronic stun gun on a bus passenger who was wearing a rucksack, just six days after the London bombings, it was revealed yesterday.’
    • ‘He eventually had to be subdued by police with taser stun guns.’