Meaning of sub- in English:


Pronunciation /sʌb/ /səb/

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  • 1At, to, or from a lower level or position.

    • ‘subalpine’
    1. 1.1Lower in rank.
      • ‘subdeacon’
      low-ranking, lower-ranking, subordinate, sub-, lesser, lower, minor, secondary, inferior
    2. 1.2Of a smaller size; of a subordinate nature.
      • ‘subculture’
  • 2Somewhat; nearly; more or less.

    • ‘subantarctic’
  • 3Denoting subsequent or secondary action of the same kind.

    • ‘subdivision’
  • 4Denoting support.

    • ‘subvention’
  • 5Chemistry
    In names of compounds containing a relatively small proportion of a component.

    • ‘suboxide’


Sub- is also found assimilated in the following forms: suc- before c; suf- before f; sug- before g; sup- before p; sur- before r; sus- before c, p, t


From Latin sub ‘under, close to’.