Meaning of sub specie aeternitatis in English:

sub specie aeternitatis


  • Viewed in relation to the eternal; in a universal perspective.

    ‘sub specie aeternitatis the authors have got it about right’
    • ‘One hopes, perhaps, sub specie aeternitatis, but one helps, if at all, only here and now.’
    • ‘It is rooted in an ontology that views life sub specie aeternitatis and contradicts utilitarian claims for viewing life sub specie temporis.’
    • ‘The vision of life under the aspect of eternity, sub specie aeternitatis, is one reflected on by poets, saints, philosophers, and astronomers, but rarely portrayed in novels.’
    • ‘The work of art is the object seen sub specie aeternitatis; and the good life is the world seen sub specie aeternitatis.’
    • ‘Does the view sub specie aeternitatis, in leaving out all the good stories, miss those large truths that are wrested out of the unexpected twists and turns that make us susceptible to love's abandonment and grief's annihilation?’


sub specie aeternitatis

/sʌb ˌspiːʃiː iːtəːnɪˈteɪtɪs/ /sʊb ˌspiːsiː ʌɪtəːnɪˈtɑːtɪs/


Latin, literally ‘under the aspect of eternity’.