Meaning of subatomic in English:


Pronunciation /sʌbəˈtɒmɪk/

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  • Smaller than or occurring within an atom.

    ‘Related to this effort, the supercomputer will be used for calculations in quantum chromodynamics - the physics theory that describes the interactions of subatomic quarks and gluons.’
    • ‘The delineation of atomic substructure and mechanisms of subatomic processes evolved into the modern study of particle physics.’
    • ‘Angular momentum is also important for scientists trying to understand subatomic physics.’
    • ‘The law of the conservation of baryon number states that the total number of baryons must be the same before and after any subatomic event.’
    • ‘Laser wakefield technology offers the possibility of a compact, high-energy accelerator for probing the subatomic world, for studying new materials and new technologies, and for medical applications.’
    • ‘But at the subatomic level, quantum mechanics has proven to be an indispensable tool in predicting often strange processes.’
    • ‘They move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.’
    • ‘However, it became a scientific issue with the advent of the theory of relativity and again with the discovery of phenomena at the subatomic level.’
    • ‘The process of duplicating information held in subatomic systems constitutes the most effective way currently conceivable of decoding some of the latest cryptographic technologies.’
    • ‘This year's Nobel Prize in Physics honors three theorists whose insight resolved what had appeared to be an intractable subatomic paradox.’
    • ‘Imbued with their own unique cellular subatomic electromagnetism, plants, are capable of carrying a positive and negative charge.’
    • ‘Neutron stars are the most dense objects of normal matter in the universe, supported against gravitational collapse by subatomic forces.’
    • ‘This superb insight into the heart of science includes a look at the world of the subatomic physicist, that most rational and reductionist of breeds.’
    • ‘This is probably not a serious problem for banana salesmen, but could impact subatomic physicists, for example.’
    • ‘That is the natural order of things today: that is the atomic, and subatomic and galactic structure of things today.’
    • ‘At the other end of the scale of size, at the atomic and subatomic level, another great mystery resides.’
    • ‘The uncertainty principle, derived from quantum mechanics, implies that at the subatomic level virtual particles, also called quantum fluctuations, pop in and out of existence.’
    • ‘At the subatomic level, matter/energy - let's just say stuff - starts to look like both waves and particles, depending on how you look at it.’
    • ‘What impresses me is that if you look at the subatomic level, or the quantum level, what you find is that the information processing power of nature goes up exponentially.’
    • ‘The second possibility is more complex and involves the quantum rules which govern the subatomic level of the universe.’