Meaning of subject catalogue in English:

subject catalogue


(US subject catalog)
  • A catalogue, especially in a library, that is arranged according to the subjects treated.

    ‘An electronic input system was developed in close co-operation with the subject catalogue in Rome.’
    • ‘The other way to find information on the web is by the use of subject catalogues or directories.’
    • ‘If you need help searching the subject catalogue, do not hesitate to ask a reference librarian.’
    • ‘Many libraries today have their own subject catalogues which are called virtual libraries.’
    • ‘Then turn to the subject catalogue to find the entries under the class marked obtained from the subject index.’
    • ‘Please click on the e-mail below to request subject catalogues in your field of interest.’
    • ‘Today classed subject catalogues exist mainly in the multilingual libraries of Europe.’
    • ‘In the subject catalogue the exhibitions held in a gallery are arranged in date order.’
    • ‘Refer to the subject catalogues for further information.’
    • ‘In case of overdue, these will be no guarantee for your exhibits to be included in our subject catalogues for collecting orders and the retaining procedure.’
    • ‘The website features comprehensive subject catalogues of English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Tibetan books, search and shopping facilities.’
    • ‘To ensure that you are sent subject catalogues relevant to your teaching areas whenever they are available please join our Mailing List.’
    • ‘The subject catalogue prior to 1998 contains the digitalized card catalogue and the online catalogue from 1991 to 1998.’
    • ‘In addition to its seasonal catalogues, the University Press produces several annual subject catalogues available below in PDF format.’
    • ‘WWW Virtual Library is the master index to specialised subject catalogues which are maintained at many sites across the Internet.’
    • ‘The subject catalogue contains bibliographic records for books, periodicals, serials, standards and technical documents, author's abstracts of dissertations, microfilms, together with reference references system.’
    • ‘The Card Catalogue for Subject Headings, also called the ‘yellow’ subject catalogue, corresponds with the ‘red’ catalogue and refers to the books published between 1931 and 1988.’