Meaning of subtractive in English:



See subtract

  • ‘The paintings began to take on more of the qualities of sculptures, featuring ‘the removal and chipping away or carving out of surfaces,’ remnants of subtractive gestures and large tracts of unfinished canvas.’
  • ‘His subtractive procedure is the ruthless evacuation of everything taken-for-granted as a prelude to the construction of a new Good.’
  • ‘Most of their work is subtractive: products we don't need, resources we shouldn't have wasted.’
  • ‘Consequently, for common-pool resources whose flows are highly subtractive, institutional arrangements related to the allocation of the flow of services are intimately tied to the sustainability of the resource.’
  • ‘My guess is that within the context of historically unequal schooling and the state's transitional, or subtractive, policy on bilingual education, such sustainability would have been difficult.’