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Pronunciation /səkˈsɛsə/

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  • A person or thing that succeeds another.

    ‘Schoenberg saw himself as a natural successor to the German romantic school’
    • ‘The ability of the farm to generate enough income for the successor is a big issue.’
    • ‘She is there for life, as are her heirs and successors, without there being any means of removal.’
    • ‘And as a backbencher you will need to allow your successors to get on with that task without undue interference.’
    • ‘Soon, his successors had a big hassle over who got which piece of the known world.’
    • ‘The 1980s saw a winding down of his energies, however, and much reform was left to his successors to handle.’
    • ‘Senior colleagues, including potential successors if he is overthrown, endorsed that verdict.’
    • ‘But why has no one tackled the works of his equally interesting successors?’
    • ‘They have had no successors, or the succession has not been allowed.’
    • ‘It will take more than exhortation to persuade him or his successors to do otherwise.’
    • ‘On Wednesday their successors can lie down in a petulant sulk and lick their wounds or they can stand up and fight.’
    • ‘They built great pyramids, like their successors the Mayans and Aztecs.’
    • ‘To all those who boldly go now and to their successors who take up the challenge I salute them as they explore the final frontier.’
    • ‘Illness was also to curtail the careers of both Churchill's successors.’
    • ‘In 1954, a lovely collection of nursery rhymes made the mould for successors.’
    • ‘The Royal Collection is held in trust by the Queen for her successors and the nation and is not owned by her as a private individual.’
    • ‘A list of the names of subscribers and family successors is on display on the church notice board.’
    • ‘An astonishing number of religious groups today claim to be the successors of the early church.’
    • ‘Their successors began moving their economies away from complete dependence on oil.’
    • ‘These men and their immediate English successors were not searching for freedom, but only for profit.’
    • ‘My three predecessors and my three successors will all agree that I was the best.’
    heir, heir apparent, inheritor, next-in-line, descendant, beneficiary
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