Meaning of such as in English:

such as


  • 1For example.

    ‘wild flowers such as mountain pansy and wild thyme’
    • ‘She is also keen to see more special events such as street entertainment staged in the town on Sundays.’
    • ‘Daily events such as our Gaelic taster workshops and Celtic dancing are sold out.’
    • ‘The ban also prevents stadium owners from selling drink at other events such as concerts.’
    • ‘The historic rooms are home to small shows and cultural events such as talks and seminars.’
    • ‘Serve as a dip with vegetables or fruit such as apple or pear wedges or banana slices.’
    • ‘Instead of potatoes with your evening meal, opt for a low carb option such as a salad.’
    • ‘Money was raised through a variety of events such as a jazz night and street collections.’
    • ‘Insurance covers specific events such as storm or flood, but never general wear and tear.’
    • ‘The funds invest in shares that pay high dividends, such as banks and utilities.’
    • ‘The software can be used for a variety of tasks such as file management, file sharing and work flow.’
    for instance, e.g., to give an example, to give an instance, by way of illustration, as an illustration, to illustrate, such as, as, like
  • 2Of a kind that; like.

    ‘an event such as we've shared’
    • ‘You only have to look at recent events such as what has happened in Switzerland and France.’
    • ‘Now he stands on the eve of his most testing hour and on the brink of fame such as few have ever enjoyed.’
    • ‘Now why is that not enough to establish a case for privacy such as a corporation can enjoy?’
    • ‘It was his opinion that the injury was not such as would cause the plaintiff to lose the nail.’
    • ‘You have to make a study of my behavior, such as a spouse will do, much to your dismay at times.’
    • ‘The negotiations for a lease such as occurred in the present case are only one example.’
  • 3archaic Those who.

    ‘such as alter in a moment, win not credit in a month’
    • ‘And such as claim to be aliens shall be sworn to the effect that they will abide by and maintain the laws of this State and the Confederate States, so long as they are permitted to reside therein.’
    • ‘And such as so swear to do things unlawful, not only offend in such swearing, but also they much more offend, if they perform the thing that they do swear.’
    • ‘The second canon of the Council of Carthage, where the principles of Augustine were supreme, "declares an anathema against such as deny that children ought to be baptized as soon as they are born."’