Meaning of such that in English:

such that


  • To the extent that.

    ‘the linking of sentences such that they constitute a narrative’
    • ‘My naivety about property prices is such that I thought I'd discovered a new bit of London.’
    • ‘The popularity of the song was such that it was repeatedly played at the festival venue.’
    • ‘The quality of the reprints was such that the photos appeared to have lost nothing due to the passage of time.’
    • ‘The outcry was such that something had to be done and be seen to be done.’
    • ‘My grief was such that I wanted to go somewhere where I didn't know anybody at all.’
    • ‘This enthusiasm is such that it is bound to make it easier to obtain permission for the likes of wind farms.’
    • ‘His self-assurance is such that he can never help himself pointing out the flaws in others.’
    • ‘The ferocity of the assault was such that he passed out and remembers nothing further of the attack.’
    • ‘His autism is such that it restricts his ability to handle even the most basic social situation.’
    • ‘The demand for tickets was such that hundreds of people were turned away at the door.’