Meaning of sugaring in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʊɡ(ə)rɪŋ/


mass noun
  • 1

    (also sugaring off)
    North American The boiling down of maple sap until it thickens into syrup or crystallizes into sugar.

    as modifier ‘March is sugaring-off month’
    • ‘Our first venture into sugaring was a stove-top operation: sap boiled on the kitchen range to produce two or three quarts for our own use.’
    • ‘For us, sugaring is a wonderful part of our lives all year around, a special blend of hard work, good times, and lasting memories.’
    • ‘We were planning to boil it down later that night for a sugaring off party the next day.’
    • ‘A time-honored pastime among French Canadian families in Quebec is ‘sugaring off.’’
    • ‘Early spring means sugaring season - Cubby and Dan have a neighborly agreement with a nearby family who taps the Derbys' trees in exchange for fresh maple syrup.’
    • ‘Many years ago we discovered the perfect solution to ‘cabin fever’ right in our own woodlot: sugaring.’
    • ‘He even paid a visit to Vermont where he visited families who were sugaring.’
  • 2A method of removing unwanted hair by applying a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair.

    ‘An ancient method of hair removal that originated in Egypt, sugaring is similar to waxing, but without the heat.’
    • ‘Waxing and sugaring are very similar hair-removal processes, where a thin layer of wax or gel is applied in the direction of hair growth, then covered with a strip of fabric, which is pulled off in the direction opposite to hair growth.’
    • ‘Manufacturers such as Moom and Touchme claim sugaring is less painful than waxing because the gel sticks to hair better than it does to skin.’
    • ‘Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth and is a method that causes less pain, irritation and breakage.’
    • ‘Sugaring helps remove hair cleanly with less breakage or re-growth compared to other methods of hair removal.’
    • ‘Among the latest items available to extend your spa visit are muds from Turkey and the Dead Sea, body salts from Israel, and Egyptian sugaring treatments (the preferred method of hair removal at most spas these days).’
    • ‘Waxing, sugaring and threading (used for fuzz and fine hairs) are large-scale versions of plucking.’
    • ‘I've heard a lot about sugaring as an alternative to waxing for hair removal.’
    • ‘Her experience with sugaring (which is the same idea as waxing) wasn't something she wished to repeat.’
    • ‘However painful, plucking, sugaring, waxing, shaving, lasers or electrolysis might be for removing body hair, neither these procedures nor pills like Viagra or Progenis are particularly invasive procedures.’