Meaning of suggestible in English:


Pronunciation /səˈdʒɛstɪbl/

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  • Open to suggestion; easily swayed.

    ‘a suggestible client would comply’
    • ‘He says he wants open suggestible people and that's what they were.’
    • ‘In addition, they seem to do so in a clandestine, even secretive fashion, targeting those who are not only the most pliant and suggestible, but also the easiest to intimidate, shame or bribe into silence.’
    • ‘They should know that all of us are pliable and suggestible to some degree, but that children are especially vulnerable to suggestive and leading questioning.’
    • ‘We know that a person under hypnosis is very suggestible and that memory is easily ‘filled-in’ by the imagination and by suggestions made under hypnosis.’
    • ‘Even the less emotionally suggestible people will be unwilling not to comply when those around them expect it.’
    • ‘With splurges of feel-good images they deal mostly in generalities, creating an atmosphere sufficiently spiritual and sedative to entice the suggestible hordes to invest their savings.’
    • ‘Although the process of hypnosis will allow the participant to become more suggestible, the hypnotist cannot ever compel his subject to act in a certain way.’
    • ‘Now that he has looked at himself closely, the sprinter knows he was naive, headstrong and suggestible.’
    • ‘But a Channel 4 spokesman said yesterday: ‘People who are suggestible to that sort of behaviour should not have access to handguns.’’
    • ‘There is, however, the additional finding that the appellant was suggestible and compliant to an abnormally high degree.’
    • ‘There is plenty of evidence that he was vulnerable in the interview situation and said things to please the police, but rather less that he was suggestible to the point of giving consciously self-incriminating admissions.’
    • ‘The appellant's whole case on the confessions to the police officers was that he was highly suggestible.’
    • ‘Suppose that someone sees something and as a result becomes suggestible to all sorts of ‘promptings’ whether true or false, concerning what he has done and observed.’
    • ‘He believed that while in groups, individuals lose their normal restraints, become more suggestible, more emotional, and less rational.’
    • ‘And anyone thinking of trying it probably should give the matter a bit of thought beforehand, especially if you tend to be suggestible.’
    • ‘Others argue that highly suggestible people are having the multiple personalities implanted subconsciously by well-meaning but misguided counsellors.’
    • ‘It is not admissible simply to show that in the doctor's opinion an accused, who is not suffering from such illness or condition, is especially timid, suggestible or vulnerable to pressure and threats.’
    • ‘Only responsible citizens should vote, not the ignorant and suggestible.’
    • ‘People are suggestible, he says, and feel that they are taking risks.’
    • ‘Good doctors have known for centuries that people are suggestible.’
    open-minded, ready to consider new ideas, willing to consider new ideas, open to new ideas, open to suggestions, open, responsive, amenable, sympathetic, well disposed, interested, attuned, flexible, willing, favourable, approachable, accessible, friendly, welcoming